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Yoga Outfits With Pants to Look Outstanding

Who says that yoga pants outfits are boring and monotonous? Yoga classes are not only about sports or physical health. It`s also about the beauty of your mind and body! That`s why yoga outfits should be pretty, not only comfortable!

Ideas of Spider Bites Lip Piercing

The spider bites piercing is an exclusive and fashionable type of lip piercings. It resembles a bite of a spider that leads to this unusual name. Nowadays, there is a big increase in popularity of spider bite piercing among the

White Jeans Outfits for Men and Women

The jeans are probably the most versatile piece of clothing in the daily wardrobe of any man or woman, which can easily get you through any event or time of the year. It is generally accepted that wearing white jeans

How to Wear Outfits with Shorts to Look Tasteful

Sometimes it can be very hard to choose an appropriate outfit, which will express your individuality! The variety of the items of clothing is not enough to look wonderful! It`s very important to combine all the elements in the right

Manicure with White Matte Nails

Who doesn`t want to have neat and attractive nails, which will not spoil the whole image, but complement it? Every modern person knows that an ideal manicure is one of the main requirements to look tidy and up-to-date! The most

Beauty of Black and Gold Nail Designs

Everybody knows that the first impression is very important in our life! Ask any woman, and she will say for sure that the manicure along with various nail art designs is an integral part of each image. It`s impossible to

Beautiful Tree Tattoos Designs

It is needless to say that a tree is one of the main elements of the Earth. This recurring symbol has deep roots in different cultures and is very honored among various nations. So, it is not surprising to see

Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo Meaning and Designs

Commonly found in Eastern cultures such as Japanese and Chinese cherry blossom or sakura is probably the second most popular floral tattoo design inked all over the globe. The rapidly spreading popularity of these tender flowers among tattoo lovers can

Snake Tattoos in Traditional Style

Why many people get snake tattoos? These creatures have had a strong role in the Creation story. In Christianity, snakes mean the bad rap as Adam and Eva were tempted to eat from the tree of knowledge by a serpent.

Daith Piercing Designs and FAQs

The daith piercing is a unique and stylish type of cartilage piercing. It is a great alternative for those, who are looking for new, uncommon ways of body modification. The placement of daith piercing is suitable for jewelry experiments, which will

colorful praying hands tattoo

Praying Hands Tattoo Ideas

Praying hands is one of the most common subjects of religious tattoos. Despite its long existence, it still excites people’s minds and hearts. This tattoo takes its roots from the picture, which was painted by a famous artist Albrecht Durer.

Buddha Tattoos Design Ideas

Before inking Buddha tattoo, it is better to know the basis of the Buddhism religion. This religion is one of the oldest and widely practiced throughout the Universe. Gautama Buddha has been a founder of the Buddhism teachings and principles. The

Satanic Tattoos with the Diverse Meanings

Satan Tattoos Meanings They have a wide range of symbols and concept that there is no way to ignore them. The Baphomet is a popular choice among the followers of occultism. Both sexes prefer to ink the goat-headed creature mostly

High and Tight Fade Haircuts for Men

The short male haircut is a trend, which includes a wide variety of amazing hairstyles. The high and tight haircut is one of the most popular hairstyles, due to its easiness to maintain. It is also known as a military

Two feet – one koi fish tattoo

Koi Fish Tattoo Meaning and Designs

Koi fish inks have become ones of the most popular, beautiful and common inks that are tattooed on different parts of a body permanently. This powerful symbol of strength and determination is suitable for men and women and can be

Elephant Tattoos Meaning with Cute Designs

Animal designs have always been popular among men and women. Have a look at this great selection of different elephant tattoos and make a right choice. Elephant Tattoos Meaning and Symbolism Although elephants come from India where they are believed

Industrial Piercing FAQs

The industrial piercing is one of the most rewarding piercings to do. It presents two cartilage piercings linked together, which creates an amazing and eye-catchy look. The industrial is a popular type of ear piercing for girls and boys alike

Penguin Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Commonly, they live in social groups like we, thus penguin tattoos are sported by women and men so often. Penguins are extremely exotic birds. So, penguin tattoos are in great demand among both, males and females. It is not only

Fishnet Outfit Ideas

Fishnet tights become more and more popular from day to day! Who hasn`t faced with such a contradictory element of the wardrobe as fishnet tights, gloves, or cape? Some girls have been watching others wearing these trendy tights or other

Tribal Nail Art Designs to Try

Since ancient times tribal people have shown their art on different things at their homes. Nowadays a tribal or Aztec design has found its place in different items of our life. And it’s no surprise that such an intricate design

Sexy Ideas of Thigh Tattoos

Thigh tattoos belong to the most attractive and sexiest artworks due to their intimate location. The tattoo on the thigh is a tricky one, so depending on your mood you can hide or show them off. They are preferable among

Double Nose Piercing You’ll Want to Have

Double nose piercing is one of the hottest trends in modern fashion. This type of nostril piercing is widely adopted by men and women, who want edgy expression and super stylish look. Double nose piercing is more adventurous and daring,