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Cheshire Cat Tattoos Designs

“Alice in Wonderland” written by Lewis Carroll remains popular 150 years after publication. Among hundreds of characters in “Alice” tales, one of the most prominent and original is the Cheshire Cat. Many people fall in love with this unusual hero

Top Minion Nail Art Designs

Who hasn’t seen the Despicable Me cartoon? Almost everybody has. And the popularity of these small lovely creatures called minions has so great influence on people that they appear everywhere! You can find them on the shelves of toy shops,

Tragus Piercing Pain, Price and Jewelry

The tragus piercing is one of the varieties of ear piercings. It is a puncture of the area of the external ear located at the level of the cheekbone. This is quite a non-standard place for puncturing, but with well-chosen

Ear Tattoo: Symbolism and Major Features

An ear tattoo is very symbolic, it encompasses images of flowers, butterflies, birds, constellations, inscriptions, and people, who’ve decided to get the ear tattoo, are morally and physically potent and want to express their personality through this ink or wear

The ladies' geometric quarter sleeve tattoo.

Quarter Sleeve Tattoos Designs

Quarter Sleeve Tattoo Meanings As a rule, every single image, as well as combinations of them in a tattoo, carries a hidden meaning. Those, who decide to apply the quarter sleeve tattoo, are striving to get the trendiest pattern. There

Arrow Tattoos and Its Meaning

When someone adorns their bodies with the tattoos, they do it for some reason. Each symbol has an accepted definition or even a few. Recently, an arrow became a very favored body design. Therefore, it obtains much deeper symbolism. What

Tribal Elephant Tattoo

It is a widespread thought that tribal tattoos are senseless one-colored patterns on the skin. Strict black ink lines usually impress only those, who know the real meaning of the tribal tats. Well, the meaning varies, but the concept of

Metallic Nail Design Ideas

Metallic nail designs have become one of the most fashionable trends these days. That’s not only because they bring shining to your nails but also because they look interesting and you become the person in the spotlight. That’s why we

Teddy Bear Tattoo

Meaning of Teddy Bear Tattoo A lot of people adore the bears tattoos. Realistic bears have been noticed in the list of the most popular tattoos ever. These animals have different meanings in different cultures. Native Americans, inter alia, suppose

Coral Nail Designs

Are you waiting for a warm spring or a hot summer? Are you willing to change your manicure? Then you are in the right place to get inspired! Coral is one of the hues that every lady must try in

Semicolon Tattoo Meaning and Designs

What hides behind this simple yet strong punctuation mark tattoo? It is not just another trend in the tattoo industry that can easily fade away with time. The semicolon tattoos are being inked all over the world in order to

Mohawk Fade Hairstyles for Men

Today hairstyles are so different and sometimes controversial that you can’t even decide what hairdo to have. One of such styles is Mohawk which is originally very rebellious and wild and requires shaven sides and long hair on the top

Short Hairstyles With Bangs

Talking about fashion, not only outfit comes to the mind. Women also think about hairstyles. Nowadays hairdressers offer a huge variety of hairdos featuring all the lengths and colors. And one of the most daring and sexy hairstyles of nowadays

High and Tight Haircuts

The high and tight haircut is really popular among military men. However, it is so easy to do that it found its place in everyday life. Almost every man has tried such a haircut in his life. It has been

Taper Fade Haircuts For Men

Taper fade haircut can undoubtedly be named one of the most popular, iconic, recognizable and trendy hairstyles ever. It has been popular among men for years so that it is a great choice for formal and casual situations, giving you

Coffin Nails Designs

No woman will allow herself to leave the house without beautifully manicured hands! As a rule, all of them seriously, concern this question beginning from the choice of the length and shape of nails and ending with their color and

Luxury Gold Nails Designs

It`s very difficult to keep all modern fashion tendencies in the manicure industry with such a rapid changing of beauty trends, tastes and preferences! The variety of possible nail art designs can shock everybody! You can choose everything you want:

The black, gray and red sleeve tattoo.

Trash Polka Tattoos Ideas in Black and Red Colors

What Is Trash Polka Thrash polka tattoo is a new, unusual trend in the body art industry, which denies monotony and banality of patterns imposed by society. “Trash” means garbage, “Polka” is a fun dance. The merging of two different

Lion King Tattoo Ideas

The works of Disney are famous all around the world. Those thrilling tales that have been inspiring several generations always have something more than nice animation, bright colors and pretty faces of princesses. Morality, sense and emotional power in every

Septum Piercing Ideas, Jewelry, Pain and Aftercare

The septum piercing has become a big trend nowadays. Some people do it to show their freedom in self-expression, getting in touch with their punk rock side. Other clients try to get something that is different from what everybody has.

Round Nails Designs

As today nail art industry is well-developed, endless nail shapes and forms can be offered to you. However, there is one nail shape that is considered to be timeless and fashionable. That is the round shape. Despite the fact that