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Brunch Outfits to Look Stylish

An ideal brunch outfit is the one able to take up the challenge of providing you with the feeling of absolute comfort and keeping the whole image on point at the same time. You may wonder if it’s possible to

37 Graduation Outfit Ideas

If we talk about graduation outfits it’s necessary to separate it in two parts – an authentic academic dress and outfits for proms. Academic dress is a traditional form of clothing for academic settings, worn mainly by those who have

Rib Tattoo Designs for Guys and Girls

The tattoo on the rib cage is one of the most original variants in tattooing. It allows you to vary the size of the painting, which gives space for small women tattoos and for the volume male pattern. Thus, the

Powerful Taurus Symbol Tattoos and Its Meanings

In many cultures, the bull has been a symbol to worship due to the meanings of power, spirituality, and protection. Nowadays the Taurus is an inspiration for many people, both men and women, due to the emotions that they evoke.

The Ferocious Foo Dog Tattoos to Protect You

The foo dog is not only a fascinating creature, which originates in Asian religion and culture, but it has become a popular image in numerous tattoos for many years. Some people ink foo dog to feel protected and safe; others

Luxury Burgundy Matte Nails

Each true fashion addict knows that trends are constantly changing like wind. It allows people to change too, choosing among styles, accessories and colors. However, fashion trends touch even such small thing as manicure. Well, honestly, manicure designs became an

Ideas of Rook Piercing

The rook piercing belongs to one of the most stylish ear piercing variations. It is a form of cartilage piercing with a unique location, which suits both men and women. The rook piercing is amazingly versatile, so you can easily

Little Kids Nails Art Designs

Not only teens and adults keep all fashion tendencies! Kids also want to be on trend! This concerns all aspects of our modern life including the manicure industry. Most of the children want to be like their parents; they want

Dotwork Tattoo Design Ideas

The name of this tattoo style speaks for itself. While other styles use different techniques, a number of needles and concentration of ink to get the desirable result of shading or lines, Dotwork designs are executed with dots and black,

Charming Winter Nail Designs for a Cold Season

It`s winter time! Almost all women like the winter season! Why? The answer is quite easy! It`s about winter fashion! Not only fashionable clothes can make women happy, a good manicure is an integral part of their life! Winter is

27 Original Gray Nail Art Designs

When it deals with gray color, all people tend to think that it’s depressive and boring and there isn’t any possibility that they will try it out. However, stylish ladies would disagree with such a point, and they would definitely

Amazing Cross Tattoos Designs for Men and Women

In remote ages, the cross symbolized the torture, death and negativity, but after Jesus Christ’s crucifixion, it became the token of life, sacrifice and revival. Check out our article to learn more about the cross, its symbolical meaning and take

Fun Nail Designs to Cheer You Up

How boring our life sometimes can be! Every day millions of people wake up early in the morning and go to work. No free time, no pleasure, no fun… Are you familiar with these problems? From time to time all

Designs of the Sparrow Tattoos With Meaning

The Sparrow Tattoo Designs to Heighten Your Fantasy Sure thing, sparrow tattoos have its specific designs chosen and brought by the wearer. But here are fairly common ones: Traditional sparrow tattoos; Tribal designs of the sparrows; Matching sparrows; Absolutely black

3D Nail Designs Which Are Always on Trend

Neat and beautiful nails are very important not only for women but also for men. Requirements to the manicure design can be different in different periods of time. But the thing, which is always welcomed, is the creativity of each

25 Must Try Sexy Nail Designs

Any party or informal event requires the best look to impress everyone there. And in most cases, this look should be not only beautiful but also sexy. Of course, your outfit can express your sexuality, but it won’t be enough

Best Collection of Mint Green Nails

Have you ever been obsessed with the color for nails? No? You will be! But if yes, then you know that mint green is among the most popular and demanded colors using in the manicure industry in this season! What

Impressive Long Nail Designs for All Occasions

What can make modern fashion women happy? Most of you will confidently say “A good manicure!” Surprise? Don`t think so! An ideal nail art design is a universal way to please all ladies in all circumstances, and cheer them up