25 Purple Nail Designs for 2017

Clothes do not make the man, but nails do actually make a woman. Much of the first impression about a woman is created during the initial 20 seconds. This amount of time is right enough to notice the details and make conclusions about the character of a person. Taking care of your nails is quite a nice habit each girl and woman is encouraged to have. If you want to find a good-looking man, you’ll need to be able to impress him at the first sight with an outstanding look of your nails. Purple is the trendiest color this season, so it’s only necessary to choose the design up to you.

What Is the Meaning of the Purple Color?

The psychologists state that the purple color is mainly preferred by intuitive personalities with deep and developed character. Such women are emotional and are interested in the spirituality. Their souls are touchy and kind and require a tender attitude towards them. Purple is the color of maturity and wisdom. Those who choose this color have a huge life experience combined with the desire to share it to others. It’s better to underline these features of a soul with the best style of the purple nail design.

Top 25 Trendy Purple Nail Designs

Being risky is a great trait of character, especially talking about appearance. Only people of courage can apply radical changes to their look. Purple nail designs are just the freshest this year for you to choose. So it’s time to try out something new, isn’t it?
And then out of the blue, the blue nail comes out blue and purple nail polish design… Flowers are so sweet contrasting to the seriousness of the purple nails.

Wow – is the least you may say looking at these cute purple nail designs. They are absolutely amazing, fresh and blooming. The spring begins in your heart, doesn’t it?

This type of dark purple nail designs will be just right for long nails. It’s elegant and beautiful and suitable for special public events.

Soft hearts are such delicate details of every girl with taste. These easy purple nail designs highlight the kindness of your soul and are easy to make.

Awesome golden nail with the superb purple is meant to make you look expensive and gentle. Gold and purple nail designs may be chosen by girls and mature women.

Interesting flowing green and purple nail designs are the best for those ladies who like something unusual. These colors perfectly match each other.

Flirting is never complete without such light purple nail designs. Silver powder and various shades of purple will make your day in a company with good friends.

Mysterious mauve nail designs with butterfly prints are for those who appreciate freedom and independence. Girls who respect their individuality like this style the most.

Violet flowers on branches on the white fond look extravagant with the purple nails. If you feel you are young and beautiful, nail art design violet will please you.

Nail art design purple color with glimpse will be suited perfectly on the long nails.Those who appreciate the sensitivity and sensibility in one are recommended to choose it.

Gorgeous stones at the bottom of the purple nail are to let others treat you right paying attention to your uniqueness. Purple acrylic nail designs look simple but catchy.

The art of nail design would not be complete without these purple and black nail designs with figures and lines. Women who like to keep everything in order and enjoy tide would be fine with it.

The purple triangle on the white fond accompanied with the golden stripe looks glamour at the hands of a young and attractive woman about to start a relationship with a man. Purple and gold nail design is extremely hot.

The nice flower on the white fond combined with soft shades of purple and pink nail designs is the best choice for every woman with a kind heart.

Reptiles haven’t died yet, have they? This purple and silver nail designs with alligator’s skin imitation will make you look a bit wild and out of this world, but happy.

Stylish purple and white nail designs with hearts, flowers and gentle lines are adorable and sweet. The design is created to surprise the others unexpectedly.

Matted purple fake nail designs are simple and for women with a calm character who like their life and enjoy the sound of silence.

Sharp purple gel nail designs with stones are such a good attempt to remind others you are a strong woman able to protect yourself. It’s perfect for single ladies.

Extraordinary purple glitter nail designs shine brightly with the lights of candles in the evening. So if you are going for a date, it’s designed especially for you.

Side by side, color by color, shade by shade with a bordering line in the middle are the purple nail designs for short nails. Glittering powder underlines the joy you have inside.

Have you ever been diving? It’s time to tell the world you have and make your purple nail polish designs with colored circles on the purple foundation.

Spacy-spicy purple prom nail designs for a prom with a purple fond should attract his attention. A new beauty queen is about to come up, is it about you?

Dots on the purple toenail designs are the most appropriate at the beach. Impress your friends with a new style!

A wedding is a time to highlight the peace and love you have inside. These glittering and shining purple wedding nail designs are created for the best day in the bride’s life.

Simplicity is sometimes enough. Try these simple purple nail art designs for long nails and enjoy the amount of positive energy coming to you.

These manicures are not that difficult to make than you may think at the first sight. Make your world brighter and broader by making more friends. The look of the nails matters, if it is done properly. Listen to your heart preferences, choosing the design and don’t forget to have fun! Good luck!

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