Red and Black Nail Designs for Trendy Women

When you don`t know what to do go to the salon and get a wonderful manicure! Most modern ladies will definitely agree with this statement! Who doesn`t like beautifully manicured hands? All like! Because attractive manicure is a real adornment for all women and sometimes even for men! That`s why it`s very important to be careful about the choice of nail art designs!

The variety of nail designs can sometimes be a bit scary! It`s very difficult to choose a design which is trendy and attractive but not too fancy or aggressive. In this case, red and black nail designs are among the best variants. Designs with the use of black and red colors are considered to be attractive! Red is always associated with love and passion, it`s sexy and feminine, while black is the color of the elegance and the mystery, chick and bold. So it`s clear enough why the blend of red and black is so popular!

There are so many ways to decorate your manicure with red and black nail designs! Red and black ombre technique, French nail tips, black ornaments on red nails or vice verse, lace, polka dots, geometrical ornaments and a lot of other ideas! Almost women have their own favorite shades of red and black: from light red and grayish black to dark burgundy and deep black. They experiment with everything!

With such a great variety of possible designs black and red colors are rightly considered to be universal! Red and black nail designs are used for all occasions: parties, dates, daily routine, work, and even wedding. Women look impressive with red and black nail designs because such a bright colors combined in one manicure are equally beautiful for long and short nails. These colors are suitable for natural nails as well as for acrylic or gel ones. Moreover, they can be worn with all clothes regardless its color scheme or style!

So if you want to make your nails red and black but don`t know exactly what you need you have a great opportunity to choose from the diverse of red and black nail designs! Just don`t be afraid of doing experiments with your nails!

Red and Black Nail Design Ideas

These long stiletto nails look very catchy! Covered with glitters and red and black rubies this manicure go well with dark red and black ombre technique! They`re speechless!

This design of natural nails is perfect for an elegant wedding. The watercolor flower will not leave anyone indifferent to the manicure of a bride and her image with these nails.

Different shapes of nails with translucent ornaments will suit those who love the beautiful and unusual manicure. Nails of stiletto and coffin forms are perfectly combined with matte red and black design decorated with rhinestones.

These nails fit for a mysterious girl with exquisite taste. The ombre made in black and red colors stresses the neat round shape and makes your hands more refined.

This nail design is perfect for all ages! Thanks to confetti the girl will look bright and with the help of the veil design, the woman will become more gentle and interesting.

Long black coffin nails look spectacular and a large red ruby surrounded with small crystals attracts everybody`s attention! The inner side is emphasized with the red color and gold crystals! It looks unusual!

Stiletto nails are always beautiful especially in the combination with bright red lips on the background of white smoky nails! This design of nails is suitable for a bright and confident girl!

Red ombre with glitters and black geometric patterns on ring fingers looks cute! These nails of beige and wine red colors will suit for those who are bored with bright and overly ornate designs!

Gold leaf on the beige background stands out perfectly dark red nails with the veil design! Interesting floral sketch and stones of different sizes near the cuticle will help you shine!

The combination of matte and glossy is a good choice for these black and red nails! Glossy red roses on black nails look fiery! Are not they perfect?

Delicate pink nails with the black and red design with some hearts hidden in the cheetah print! These nails are perfect for a girl in love because all details refer to a romantic mood!

This combined manicure looks amazing! Bright red nails with the veil design on the ring finger and a volumetric red rose are suitable for every girl who wants to become the centre of attention!

You cannot take your eyes off this really unusual design! Stiletto nails with the design demonstrating stains of blood and eyes complemented with several large red rhinestones are suitable for an epic Halloween party!

These lovely red roses look just like real ones! Black can look gloomy but not when the cat’s eye polish shines like in the light of the moon! Rhinestones will complement the whole image!

The dark red with black ombre looks a little bit dirty and crazy! Gold rhinestones and white pearls dilute the design and make it lighter! What an interesting combination!

Pearly red nails with the matte effect and white dots on the black background are fresh! The elegance of simple forms is always relevant! This manicure is suitable for a party and for everyday life.

A few red nails paired with a few black ones and complemented with a magical design will impress you! Volumetric red roses decorated with rhinestones look as if they have drops of dew!

Red and lilac gradient complemented with the purple stamping patterns is exactly what you need for the summer season! This variant is ideal for your holidays!

Black nails with large roses of the dark red color are good-looking! The abundance of rhinestones of different forms and colorful confetti will not remain unseen. This design is for a confident woman!

Glamorous, elegant and a bit brutal is what you can say about these nails! Light and dark colors, large and small rubies are for nails worthy of the queen! It’s amazing!

Black matte looks well on all nails, but long coffin nails with gold crystals are especially wonderful! Black white and silver strips on the red background will add the element of intrigue!

Like dark nails? The best variant for you is the design with the using of ombre! Dark red smoothly turning into deep black is really bewitching! This is everything!

Long coffin nails with the red color are so sexy! Gorgeous design made with the help of black on the tips, gold stripping tape and the abundance Swarovski crystals can make your look more passionate!

Black designs look very attractive on short nails covered with the red polish! Especially if this design is a blend of black, gray white and red lines imitating the cloth! So trendy!

What an unusual combo! Short red nails decorated with black geometrical patterns and covered with the matte top look interesting! Emphasized black nail is a good accent for all seasons of the year!

This beautiful glossy shade of red can be well paired with the blue and black floral design on the yellow and orange ombre. Gold elements of rhinestones will perfectly complement every look!