Rib Tattoo Designs for Guys and Girls

The tattoo on the rib cage is one of the most original variants in tattooing. It allows you to vary the size of the painting, which gives space for small women tattoos and for the volume male pattern. Thus, the girls can emphasize the dignity of their figure, while the men – the relief of muscle torso.

The Symbolism of Rib Tattoos for Men and Women

The tattoos on the ribs are mainly applied for beauty, to make the image more sexual and focus on the perfect figure. Though, you may ink more symbolic tattoo, the meaning of which depends on the chosen sketch and interests.

  1. The women prefer sensual and emotional ornaments among them you can find:
  • All sorts floristry (flowers, plants) – symbolizes calm, fragility and tenderness;
  • Corset lacing – the ribbon can be tied in a bow or just fall on the hip;
  • Butterflies or rainbow feathers – embody femininity and freedom;
  • Berries, tropical fruits – indicate coquetry and uniqueness.
  1. Men usually take the large ornament, it can be:
  • Ship – is done by freedom-loving men, who are ready to withstand the winds and storms of the life;
  • Religious themes (cross, praying hands) – is a feature of believers;
  • Wild animals (wolf, bear) – emphasize strength, agility, power and leadership in the world;
  • Bones, skulls, the devil and other “beyond the grave” theme – show the inevitability of death, philosophical mind.

The Typical Variations of Rib Tattoos

The rib patterns are highly painful but the result is worth it. The ladies try to get bright, colorful tattoo, while the men apply ornaments in black coloring. Other designs include:

  • watercolor works;
  • black and gray tattoo;
  • Japanese style;
  • biomechanical type;
  • tribal style;

The lettering is another favorite category of tattoos on the ribcage, which can be used in the form of:

  • quotes;
  • hieroglyphs;

They are predominantly inked at an angle or vertically in order to visually narrow and stretch the area under the breasts.

The rib tattoos are easily hidden under the clothes, so you can choose the most unbelievable and unusual images, such as:

  • watch and compass tattoo;
  • internal organs (ribs);
  • geometric elements;
  • a piece of nature;
  • Cheshire Cat;
  • arrows;
  • Phoenix;
  • footprint;
  • compass with the eye;
  • tree and a girl;
  • mountain;
  • parrot;
  • mermaid;
  • birds;
  • stars;

Rib Tattoos Ideas for Guys and Girls

The massive portrait of a man in the form of a sculpture is imbued with the spirit of antiquity. The gorgeous tattoo with the note of grandeur is outstanding!

The masterpiece of a woman praying on the cross amidst the storming sea presents a belief in God and a higher power.

The florets are the best decoration for girl’s body not in vain! Look at this wonderful composition on the rib cage.

The fantastic way to express your purposefulness and constancy is to ink this marvelous unity of watch and compass.

Would you like to show your inner world? This rib cage creativity makes it possible, however, it looks a bit scary.

Here the simple triangle denotes so important things like birth, life and death, creating seductive succession on the woman’s ribs.

Are you a part of “Delta Chi” fraternity? This tattoo on the ribs will be a super sign of your devotion.

This Latin quote is translated as «That which nourishes me also destroys me», but you may suggest your own meaning for it.

This is not just a piece of nature – it is a real picture of paradise on your ribs, which radiates warmth and happiness.

The lovers of nature and beauty will appreciate this bright ornament of different flowers and birds that fully covers the rib cage.

The women are not indifferent to the flowers and jewels, which is seen in this impressive tattoo with numerous black ornaments.

Cheshire Cat is a highly mysterious character from “Alice in Wonderland” but maybe we are all sometimes need to be a bit crazy, don’t we?

Is the evil really within? This emotional tattoo on the ribs represents the struggle between bad and good in everyone.

The arrow is widely used by men in tattooing. Here it is presented in intriguing combination with circles and lines on the ribs.

The amazing interweaving of black lines creates an astonishing ornament in tribal style – a cool choice for athletic men!

This refined variant of the tribal tattoo with the addition of flowers is prepared for ladies. The body seems so alluring now!

This bright circle with orange and blue parts introduces the play of contrasts on the ribs, which suits freethinking, creative people.

The shining Phoenix on the ribs will attract attention, as this legendary bird is a powerful talisman of long life and grace.

This cute pattern of animal’s footprint finds its place on the ribs. The watercolor design adds charm and ease to work.

The real man can sacrifice much for the love, which is shown in this honest tattoo on the rib cage.

The same color representation of two images – girl and tree express how we all are connected with nature, we are an integral part of it.

Ladies usually want to emphasize their fascination and perfection but in this rib tattoo, we see how fleeting beauty is.

The splendor of the mountains captivates, if you are keen on this scenery, this unbelievable picture on the ribs is for you.

Are you open-minded, creative person with a wonderful sense of humor? Then this colorful parrot is exactly what you need!

The peacock is a bird of kings, thus, its feather will be a nice attribute of intelligence and the highest dignity of its holder.

The Hannya mask is a famous Japan presentation of a devil. However, not everybody knows that this scary creature symbolizes wisdom.

Every man is a conqueror in the soul and this ship tattoo is aimed at showing the strong desire to win.

This rib tattoo is enchanting! The wolf – is the strong, trusty creature, here indicates the independent person, who lives by their own rules.

The praying hands tattoo is a choice of a true believer. The inscription “In Gods hands” focuses on the devotion to the religious beliefs.

The well-known Disney hero tattoo is done in a very realistic manner on the ribs. This wonderful cartoon character embodies feminity and glamor.

A little bit aggressive but so eye-catching bird in flight is proposed on the ribs. The splashes of blue and yellow paints enrich the image.

Two oppositions of the living and the dead create the basis for this effective composition with a raven skull and flowers. Life is short – appreciate your time!