34 Sagittarius Tattoo Designs

 The History Behind The Sagittarius Tattoo

As per the Greek myth, there lived a centaur Chiron- a divine creature with the human head and torso and the horse’s hoofs. Chiron was the most talented of all centaurs: the best mentor, healer, and the most skillful archer in the whole country, that’s why he is depicted with the bow and the arrow in his hands. To pay tribute to Chiron, the Greek gods transformed him into the constellation in the night sky after his death.

Sagittarius Tattoo Symbolic Meanings

Independence- freedom is what the Sagittarius men and women appreciate most of all in their lives.

Duality- if you have at least one Sagittarius in your environment, you are aware of their mood swings which happen out of nowhere: compassionate and kind people become vicious and aggressive in one go.

Optimism and Energy- the individuals born under this fiery sign stand out due to their “fiery traits”: dynamism, insatiable energy, and optimistic outlook.

Adventure and Travelling- the Saggis are avid globetrotters, they are always in search of the new adventures, routes, and destinations.

Features of the Sagittarius Tattoo Designs

When it comes to the portrayal of the Sagittarius on your flash, the design possibilities are limitless: you can get inked a trivial black and gray centaur image, the stylized bow and arrow composition, the minimalistic constellation in dotwork, or seductive female archer in fine lines. For the variety, you can include some meaningful elements into your Sagittarius tattoo- that can be:



Crescent moon


Dates of birth


Geometric glyphs

Floral motifs

Female figures

The optimal zones for applying the Sagittarius tattoo are the upper arm, forearm, biceps, the rib cage, neck, ankle, chest, collarbone, back, and wrist.

The most appropriate styles for the Sagittarius tattoo are:


– Stick and Poke;




-Black and Gray;


We want to come up with a bunch of the badass Sagittarius tattoo designs that will suit not only the Sagittarius-borns but the Sagittarius fans as well. Scroll down and get inspired!

An awesome tattoo of the centaur Chiron created in a realistic black-and-gray manner. It’s so lifelike depicted that we can’t believe our eyes!

Tiny blackwork bow and arrow tattoo is got inked on the lady’s collarbone. How it’s exciting and enticing, isn’t it? A nice way to drive men crazy!

The bow and arrow combo on the wrist is not only a cool interpretation of the Sag sign, but it’s also a symbol of the motion forward, leadership, and determination.

Decorative fine lines and implacable detailing enchant us most of all in this bow and arrow tattoo design! Really amazing tattoo option for such fragile lady’s body part as the rib cage!

Even an outstanding Sagittarius – Rita Ora- has gone for the miniature bow and arrow symbol as her Sagittarius tattoo design. Let her be your inkspiration!

Ornamental black and gray shield tattoo featuring the centaur Chiron indicates the best traits of the Sagittarius-born male: courage, brutal force, and independent spirit.

The extremely masculine portrayal of the centaur-archer! The neat bold lines make it exceptional! This tattoo is an ideal tattoo variant for the real alpha males.
Astrologers believe that the planets have as profound impact on the people’s lives as the constellations, that’s why they frequently go together in the tattoo designs.

Magnificent dotwork arrow tattoo accompanied by the simplistic Sagittarius constellation decorates the inner forearm. Such superb duo can’t be left unnoticed!

The guys wearing the tattoo on the chest look extremely tough, especially with such manly motif as the bow and arrow.

Tiny dots, sacred geometry, eyes of providence and the feather- all these mysterious symbols make up an arrow pattern. Incredible concept! Hiding it under the shirt is sinful!

This exquisite constellation tattoo with the moon and Jupiter complements will make you shine as bright as the stars in the night sky.

Seductive woman-archer tattoo on the lady’s half sleeve personifies the best traits of all Sagittarius females – sexuality and the fighting spirit!

The owner of this Sagittarius tattoo wants to show off the world that the Cupidon’s arrow has hit her heart, so, let’s congratulate the lady.

Did you know that the bow and arrow tattoo can play a role of the powerful talisman? But only if the arrow is depicted pointing upwards.

Constellation is a brilliant idea for the couple tattoos. It would be nice if you get inked the name of your partner, and he applies the constellation you were born under.

Doesn’t matter if you are male or female, this plain linear constellation tattoo will excellently adorn the body of any individual.

Obsessed with the minimalism? This discreet constellation tattoo made of the assembly of dots and lines will surely satisfy the minimalist in you.

The name of the loved person and the sketch of his zodiac glyph next to it – in our view, this tattoo is one of the best declarations of love.

The perk of the rib cage tattoo is that it can be easily hidden from the haters, but the minus of this tattoo zone is its painfulness.

So simple in design, but so significant in meaning: the arrow piercing the crescent moon implies movement forward through the challenges and the struggles.

What a sumptuous frame in this Sagittarius portrait tattoo! It has really stolen my heart! The attention to details absolutely blows the mind!

Stop staring up at the night sky in search of the Sagittarius constellation, get etched it on your wrist and admire it for hours.

Sagittarius women are sassy, free-spirited, and mysterious, what else than the crescent moon- a symbol of feminine sexuality and mystique- can express their female nature in full?!

Oh, how cute! If I would have to opt for a favorite in this list, I would give the preference to this miniature constellation tattoo with the delicate itty-bitty florets.

Adding fine-lined circles to the bow and arrow tattoo is a common practice. The circles bring some aestheticism to the motif and make it look more dynamic.

This tender constellation tattoo on the ankle is almost invisible to the naked eye. Even your mom won’t notice it!

It’s hard to believe, but this magnificent tattoo composition was made purely by hands! No machine was used! Such technique is called stick’n’poke and you need only ink and needle for it.

The symbols are instead of the points – what an offbeat rendition of the constellation! It reminds more of the chemical formula than the Sagittarius constellation.

This customizable Sagittarius tattoo doesn’t look like a trivial constellation, but it still has an awesome appeal, especially due to these petite flowers and an intriguing inscription.

Legs- is the strongest side of all Sag-borns, that’s why the tattoos inked on the legs are reckoned to bring them good luck.

We can’t stop enjoying this dotwork piece! What truly fascinates us is the artful transition of the Sagittarius constellation into the bow and arrow symbol!

Sagittarius are eternal globe-trotters and such sketchy half-compass tattoo with an arrow will indicate the right path in life and won’t let them get lost in travel.

Bewitching tattoo! All symbols of the Sagittarius zodiac sign harmoniously co-exist in one design! Bravo to the artist! The cosmic coloration also deserves applause!