Fantastic photorealistic tattoo with two sunflowers

Vibrant Sunflower Tattoo Designs With Meanings

Floral tattoo designs have always been desirable since the beginning of tattoo art. Roses, lilies, orchids are all beautiful, but there’s something special in sunflowers that distinguish them from the set. Maybe it’s indescribable beauty and aesthetics of this colorful flower. Or maybe it’s the ability of sunflower to move so that it can get the most of the sunlight. Anyways, sunflowers are just great as tattoo designs due to their vibrant yellow color evoking positive feelings.

Floral tattoo designs have always been desirable since the beginning of tattoo art. Roses, lilies, orchids are all beautiful, but there’s something special in sunflowers that distinguish them from the set. Maybe it’s indescribable beauty and aesthetics of this colorful flower. Or maybe it’s the ability of sunflower to move so that it can get the most of the sunlight. Anyways, sunflowers are just great as tattoo designs due to their vibrant yellow color evoking positive feelings.

The Meanings and Symbolism behind the Sunflower Tattoos

The wearers of sunflower tattoos are positive, joyful and adaptive as well as the flower itself. These people want to show the world that they are optimists who live their lives to the fullest and can achieve any goals. If you’re planning to get inked with the sunflower tattoo, here are some of the most common symbolic meanings you need to know.

  • Devotion and loyalty
  • Longevity and fertility
  • Happiness, joy and cheerfulness
  • Spiritual awaking, faith and religion
  • Good luck and wealth
  • Flexibility and opportunity
  • Beauty
  • Warmth

The sunflower looks nice as a separate tattoo piece; still, if you want to increase the meaning of your ink, consider some complementing details.

  • Birds and animals
  • Butterflies and Frogs
  • Bees
  • Flowers and trees
  • Portraits
  • Skulls
  • Mandala patterns
  • Picturesque landscape, etc.

The Features of Sunflower Tattoos

First thing first, just think about the size you want your tattoo to be. Big-sized and more intricate sunflower tattoos look gorgeously on the shoulder, side, back and thigh while smaller inks look lovely on wrist, neck, ribs or behind the ear. As a part of the floral ensemble, the sunflower can be chosen for a sleeve or a half-sleeve. Due to the variety of meanings and designs, the sunflower tattoo may fit both men and women. No matter whether you want your tattoo to be colorful or black and gray, this flower friend of the sun will look stunning anyway. As for tattoo styles, you are not limited at all. But sunflower tattoo wearers more often choose

  • Watercolor
  • Realism, Hyper-Realism and Photorealism
  • Dotwork, Linework and Geometric tattoo styles
  • Traditional and Neo-Traditional
  • Sketch style and Abstractionism
  • Tribal (particularly Celtic knots) for the decoration of the flower’s central disk.

Vibrant coloring of the sunflower layers in combination with intricate Dotwork mandala patterns and geometric figures create some insanely incredible thigh tattoo here.

If you want to be a happy owner of some truly unique tattoo design, this black and gray Watercolor sunflower tattoo is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

We especially love the shades that create this voluminous image of the black and white sunflower. It’s also believed that a tattoo image with sunflowers can help with the success in your career. Pretty cool, ha?

The Abstractionism is quite popular in sunflower tattooing, and now you have the chance to make sure why. All these chaotic lines and curls along with expressive splashes of colors create the bewitching sunflower tattoo design.

Here’s the Neo-Traditional single standing sunflower tattoo that is decorated with the barely seen Watercolor background. The sunflower seeds disk with the horse design inside looks pretty interesting.

This little yet significant work reminds a touch of nature in a tattoo form that finds its place under the collar bone. Looks so cute!

A sunflower is regarded a the flower of happiness, energy and joy, so, if your life is a lack of these things, go for a sunflower tattoo, colorful and joyful like the one in the picture.

This realistic single sunflower tattoo design that is placed on the forearm looks lovely. Its deep yellow color warms your soul the same way as the sun warms your body in summer.

This striking realistic tattoo piece pictures the single sunflower with petals rich of autumn colors and painterly background slightly blurred but eye-catching.

The color palette of purple, red, orange and yellow makes this fresh sunflower piece look so vibrant and eye-catching that we can’t keep our admiration inside.

Quite primitive and schematic representation of this geometric sunflower ink is fully formed of bold lines and radiant curls and would be perfect if you want some kind of geek tattoo.

We can only imagine how hard to ink such highly detailed miniature sunflower tattoo. Looks delicate and beautiful.

There’s something quite hypnotic in this colorful floral half-sleeve that captures tenderness of daisy flowers and warmth that coming out of the sunflowers.

Two equally beautiful flowers find their place on the forearm. Since the rose makes us think of love and arouses romantic feelings, the sunflower evokes happiness and a deep feeling of joy.

This girly cartoonish single sunflower on a long stem tattoo stands out with its sparkles and unnaturally bright colors. Absolutely gorgeous tattoo piece!

Many painters like Van Gogh were inspired by the beauty of sunflowers. Seems that this tattoo picturing sunflower with butterflies is rather an oil painting than the tattoo on the shoulder blade.

Three pretty black and gray stemless sunflowers do form the beautiful hip tattoo that looks creative and dynamic thanks to the background shading.

The eternal opposition of life and death is shown here in the form of the amazing tattoo consisting of Dotwork skull mandala pattern and realistic sunflowers.

As soon as you start thinking that you have already seen every detail, this sunflower back tattoo piece shows something more. Every component of this tattoo is incredible.

The central disk with sunflower seeds enchants with its geometric accuracy. The blue skies, the beauteous tulips and sunflowers, the bird and even drops of dew on petals everything in this colorful sleeve is tight!

This fine black and gray single sunflower on a long stem tattoo behind the ear proves that bigger-sized pieces aren’t necessarily better.

If you are a man who hesitates about getting inked with a flower tattoo because, you know, it can look too girly, check out this awesome full of bright colors single sunflower tattoo on man’s chest and make sure that floral inks can look manly and beautiful.

Sunflower tattoos look awesome on any part of a body you place them. Even if a foot wasn’t your first option, this absolutely gorgeous Watercolor sunflower foot tattoo might change it.

Thanks to sunflower’s round disk shape and ray-like petals it’s just perfect for the elbow tattoo. Be careful, because once you got a taste for tattooing, it would be hard to stop.

The soft yellow, orange and burgundy tones are dancing their beautiful tango with the petals of this marvelous sunflowers thigh tattoo performed in Watercolor technique. Neat work!

As you may notice Watercolor tattoo style is by far the most popular in sunflower tattooing. It’s no wonder because all of these light splashes of different colors create some truly amazing sunflower side tattoo.
In Greek mythology, there was nymph Clytie who turned into a sunflower after she had lost her love Apollo. Since then the sunflower follows the sun hoping for Apollo’s chariot to come back and take her with him. Therefore, the sunflower tattoo is the perfect choice for lovers.

This sunflower side tattoo is filled with amazing summer warmth. When you look at it, you imagine yourself standing somewhere near the roadside with endless sunflower fields going as far as eyes can see.

This smooth sunflower thigh tattoo with bold black outlines and intense coloring is perfect for Traditional tattoo style addicts who want to show off their positive attitude towards life.

Would you like to tie yourself with the person you love forever? Well, getting inked with the sunflower image and your beloved initials sounds great, doesn’t it?

Since a sunflower is always devoted to the sun rays, the sunflower tattoo works best if you want to indicate your loyalty to the beloved person. For instance, you may like to ink the sunflower image with a name.

There are so many beauteous flowers and decoration patterns in one colorful side tattoo that we can’t take our eyes off it.

In Chinese culture, the sunflower means good luck, long life and vitality. But whatever the meanings are, you can be sure that the sunflower will create a beauteous look of your ink and brighten it with warm yellow color.

Look at the sunshine, and you’ll never see the shadow. That’s exactly what sunflowers do every day. If this is your overall life slogan, consider getting inked with this cute small sunflower tattoo.

If at least one of sunflower meanings fits your personality or you just adore this loyal flower friend of the sun, you can opt for more primitive in design and color Classic Traditional sunflower tattoo with bold outlines.

If you seek for uniqueness, you might like to modify the sunflower central disk part into Celtic tree tattoo design. This kind of tattoo signifies devotion and love to the family.

This colorful tattoo masterpiece on the biceps with the sunflower that is supposed to represent the Sun in galaxy reminds a cute childish drawing made with markers.

Here’s the delicate sketch tattoo presenting the girl standing with huge sunflower.  Watercolor splashes of green and yellow soften the look of ink and catch the eye.

Despite common heart designs we are used to seeing, this tattoo includes the realistic one, the same that beats inside any of us. Complemented by tender sunflowers this tattoo is an awesome representation of devotion and love.

Bet you didn’t know that sunflowers and frogs have some common meanings. They signify resurrection and rebirth and are often chosen for one tattoo design in memory of beloved people who passed away.

This stunning thigh tattoo piece shows hyper-realistic images of the red macaw and the sunflower with the frog peacefully sitting on its stem. We have this irresistible desire to use a magnifying glass and take a close-up look at all the details.

Here’s the combo of different tattoo styles including Watercolor, Realism and Geometric in one beauteous leg tattoo that perfectly captures the moment. Seems as the artist’s sketch comes to life on your eyes.

Going from the underarm along the side this bright, colorful sunflower with tiger lily tattoo shows three life-affirming words ‘live, laugh, love’. Interesting tattoo idea, isn’t it?

Just like the sunflower that always looks in the direction of the sun, people, who wear sunflower tattoos, always look on the bright side of things. Can you define yourself as an optimist? If yes, take this colorful Sketch style sunflower tattoo into account!

This expressive Watercolor flower bouquet shoulder blade tattoo looks as if some painter drew the poppy flower, the sunflower and the iris with a brush, not a tattoo gun.

Only flowers can compete with woman’s beauty or complement it. To make sure, take a look at this Traditional tattoo picturing the charming lady with the sunflower in her hair. Bold lines, soft shading and fantastic colors make this ink look unbelievably beautiful.

Brighten your life with some amazing colorful Neo-Traditional sunflower tattoo. Those of you who feel the lack of magic and fairy tales will definitely love this sunflower tattoo idea.

This Traditional thigh ink depicting the owl with sunflowers in green, brown and yellow colors is rad! Did you know that in color symbolism yellow is linked to happiness? Well, now you do!

Your sunflower ink may symbolize happiness, joy, friendliness or whatever other meaning you put into it. There’s one thing you can’t deny – the sunflowers, especially if they are depicted in color, look stunning.

With a minimum of details and a simple image, this Linework sunflower tattoo on hand impresses with its fantastic solid black color and clearness of lines.

The lettering “You are my sunshine” inspired by the famous song is probably dedicated to the beloved person of the tattoo wearer. The sunflower image symbolizing devotion and loyalty fits best to this tattoo composition due to its association with the sunlight.

If you are an optimistic person with a perspective of getting inked, give the sunflower ink a shot. Consider this amazing highly detailed photorealism sunflowers tattoo on the shoulder blade as an option.

This floral tattoo composition on the quarter sleeve impresses with its intense colors and fine shades. Flowers are never out of fashion in tattoo art especially sunflowers with their positive yellow color and cute design.

Unlike the original yellow-colored, this sunflower consisting of the deep red disk and white ray florets creates some unusual yet pretty tattoo design on the forearm.

This amazing Watercolor abstract shoulder tattoo presents the blurred image of the woman walking elegantly with beauteous big sunflowers above her head. The saturated yellow color of sunflowers stands out and catches the eye!