Best Supernatural Tattoos for True Fans

If you are a big fan of one of the most popular TV shows “Supernatural” and follow the latest tendency of memorizing your favorite characters, symbols and signs from it, you will find something interesting in these eye-catching supernatural tattoos.

Supernatural Tattoo – Symbolism and Meaning

The “Supernatural” TV show constantly focuses on the fight with demons, angels and all the evil creatures. No wonder it has become the subject of inking different mascots, symbols and even characters’ pictures on different parts of the body starting from back ending with feet. Most of the symbols have real meanings. However, most people make tattoos according to their meaning in the serial. Some of the most widespread signs can have the following meanings:

Anti-possession tattoos. Dean and Sam Winchester have these tats on their chests protecting themselves from being possessed by demons who always hunt them.

Devil’s trap. It has a strong power of keeping a demon inside this symbol in order not to let it be free.

Angel’s Ward. This symbol is painted to help the brothers to keep angels out of their current location for some period as angels in the show don’t seem to be very good creatures.

Tree of pain symbol. This mark is the forerunner of people who were tagged by demons and are supposed to be found and killed shortly.

Characters’ portraits and pictures. These tattoos express extreme dedication and respect to different people or creatures that play important parts in the whole plot.

These tattoos can be combined with different details such as:

  • flowers
  • signs
  • Winchester brothers’ initials
  • mascots and sigils
  • weapons – demon knife and colt
  • car – Chevrolet Impala

Supernatural Tattoo Features

As in most cases people get their tattoos on visible parts of the body, the variations of inks can be very different according to their wishes and desires.

  1. various techniques:
    • watercolor
    • dot work
    • line work
  2. the most favorite styles:

Supernatural tattoos can be described as extremely popular ones as the TV show has very high ratings and people fancy getting the piece of this popularity and putting it on their body in the form of tattoos.

Supernatural Tattoo Ideas

Extremely realistic Dean’s portrait which is perfectly depicted in a gray watercolor technique. It looks like two sides of one person. A wonderful portrait!

A bit simplified symbol which is inked very accurately on the chest is positioned in the TV show as a Devil’s trap, the symbol against all the evil spirits.

Anti-possession symbol seems like to be the part of this person’s body thanks to the realistic cracks and great shadow work.

Although this tattoo is very simple, the performance makes us believe in its power and real spiritual strength to protect the person.

When tattooed with other colorful symbols, anti-possession charm can be more visible and eye-catching for other people.

Striking tattoo! One more variation of anti-possession tattoos which seems to be carved into the arm. Shadows and cracks look very realistic.

The most widespread variation of anti-possession tattoos from “Supernatural.” Accurate and neat linework makes this tat a real charm.

Anti-possession charm in the shape of a star with red tongues around it looks just as great as the perfectly inked true fan sign.

This shoulder may become a real fount for a “Supernatural” fan as it contains the most important mascots including colt, knife, anti-possession symbol, the mark of Cain and David’s star.

Extremely realistic anti-possession charm which is inked in a watercolor technique and looks majestic.

A sweet interpretation of Dean and Sam Winchesters made into anime style with different bright colors and stylish effects.

As brothers Winchesters fight not only against demons but also against angels, this angel banishing symbol is quite a common charm for their fans.

Anti-possession sigil can vary from small to large like this one which is simple in its performance, still looks impressive.

To enliven such a dark symbol as an anti-possession sigil, you can freely add colors like blue with different free designs.

A common place for a common anti-possession tattoo which is worn by Dean and Sam Winchester to protect themselves from demons.

The combination of the Tree of Pain and anti-demon symbols made in black color looks like a real mascot for the wearer.

This anti-possession tattoo is must-have for every true fan of the TV show “Supernatural”. Although it is quite simple, it always looks impressive!

Unusual tattoo of the Winchesters. They seem as being scratched on the body with black ink. Simple but attractive.

One more mascot – Mark of Cain which is used to protect from the Darkness. Inked in the red color, you believe this is a real mark.

Lucifer’s essence which is dying to be free is perfectly depicted on the person’s face. It looks realistic and extremely eye-catching!

Aquarian Star, anti-possession symbol, and Dean’s symbol are perfectly combined in one tattoo on the back. Looks extremely gorgeous!

A funny-styled mixture of everything which happens in “Supernatural” – angels, demons, saving the world with the help of the mascots.

The wayward son became the main music theme to the TV show. No wonder people try to memorize these words in addition to the prominent symbols from the serial.

Chuck, the Prophet, is realistically inked on the shoulder and shows his main role, to tell the story of brothers, with the help of the microphone.

Angel Castiel is one of the most favorite characters in the serial, so he is performed in any variations, like an anime-styled Angel, for example.

Impala is considered to be a live creature in the show. This tat is full of life and power thanks to a very neat dot work.

Realistic trash polka tat with Dean’s face looks scaring. However, his look is attractive, and you cannot tear yourself away from it!

This tat looks like a real photo of Dean Winchester as it has very smooth structure and subdued colors. Very exciting tattoo!

Seems to be scratched, this mark of Cain is ideally outlined and has a real accurate line work which stands this tattoo out. Looks amazing!

Girl’s variation contains a colt with colorful roses with a sign which is amazingly done in an old school style. Such tattoo is a real find for girls!

An extravagant mixture of colors in anti-possession symbol – black and green. However, it looks interesting and is unlike other tattoos.

Colt, which has just shot the evil looks striking as it seems to be a real item on the arm. Smoke out of the colt adds mystery and realism to the tat.

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