The Snake Bites Piercing in the Most Spectacular Variations

The snake bite piercing is the piercing of the lower lip. To get it, the piercer makes symmetrically two punctures of the lower lip from different sides. The unusual snake look finds a lot of fans among the youth, who is eager to be in the limelight. This piercing will attract the attention to your individuality and emphasize your uniqueness. Being originally the lip piercing, you may also find some variations of snake bites on the ear or tongue piercing.

What Should You Know About the Snake Bites Piercing?

The snake bite piercing looks great but has some drawbacks:

  1. If there are any skin diseases, consult a doctor before puncturing the lips, because the piercing can cause skin irritation and aggravation of symptoms.
  2. The wearing of two piercings at the same time is a painful process that some people would prefer not to experience.
  3. People can suffer from irreversible damage to the gums and irritation as a result of friction with the jewelry.
  4.  The snakebites have a high rejection rate and could leave worse scars.

People with such piercing can wear not only bars but also rings. The important task is to choose the right size of the bars, as too long options can scrape off the gums or teeth and hurt them. Besides, the smaller the gauge measurement is, the larger the hole. Traditionally, 14g is better for men, while 16g is taken by women. Pay attention that studs are best for healing because they are less likely to get knocked around during the healing.

The Tips of Snake Bites Piercing Performance

To reduce the possible risks, it is advised to apply to the skilled expert to avoid the negative consequences. This piercing is provided in several steps:

  • The disinfection of all piercings tools;
  • The piercer marks the place where the hole will be made;
  • The piercer ensures the disinfection of a lip;
  • Using a special needle with a catheter, the piercing is performed, after which the needle is removed, and the catheter remains. The decoration is dragged through it into the resulting hole.

The Snake Bites Healing Time

The healing process takes about 2-4 months, during this period the particular measures are recommended to take:

  1. The first 4-6 hours after piercing it is forbidden to drink, eat and smoke.
  2. two weeks avoid hot, salty, sour, sweet and solid food;
  3. Do not remove the jewelry from the wound until it is completely healed.
  4. Try to avoid getting water on the piercing first 2-3 days;
  5. Within 3-4 days after the puncture, rinse the mouth, including the place of piercing with saline and a dental rinse solution. Wash the piercing with mild soap and water.
  6. Do not touch the earring without disinfection of hands.
  7. Do not kiss or lick the lips. There are a lot of microbes in saliva that can cause inflammation.
  8. If you put the bar, make sure that it does not grow into the lip, which happens if the decoration has too short rod;
  9. The pain killers can be taken only in the case of agonizing pain.
  10. Consume vitamin B and zinc. Eat cold food, ice-cream during the cure.

The Price of Snake Bite Piercing

On average the cost of snake bites is about $80-$120, including jewelry. The choice of metal and jewelry itself plays a significant role in this case.
Do you want to try the image of vamp woman? Then snake bites piercing in one ensemble with a red lipstick will produce an amazing result!

These two metal rings look like real piercing. However, it is a false impression. The fake snake bites piercing has a big advantage, as you do not need to experience pain.

Here the snake bites piercing illustrates a wonderful variant for guys. The black jewelry completes the image of brutal, strong man with a long beard.

This snake bites piercing on one side does not seem aggressive at all. The circular barbell presents a tender option for your lips.

The combination of snake bite piercing together with medusa piercing is really worth taking. The wonderful celestial coloring of stones brings freshness.

Here the snake bites piercing is included in one bright composition. The way this numerous jewelry with the blue gems match is very aesthetically pleasing!

The snake bites piercing is so popular that you can do it not only with your lips, but also decorate the earlobe with two tiny white stones.

Have you ever seen something more awesome than this fantastic dark image? The black lips merge with black jewelry, creating a bit shocking snake bites piercing.

This snake bites piercing with black horseshoe jewelry suits well tender blondes. It gives a feeling of hooliganism and unpredictability.

This choice of jewelry really makes you shine. The gold pieces nicely decorate snake bites piercing as well as medusa and dahlia ones.

There is nothing uncommon in this piercing, but exactly this simplicity attracts attention. Two punctures under the lip look fantastic with dark matte lipstick.

Despite the pink hair, this girl’s appearance resembles something devilish. The idea of black snake bites piercing plays not the last role in it.

This is a complex work with outstanding snake bites piercing. The black coloring of each piece creates an impression of one piercing union on your face.

The snake bites piercing is only a small part of this amazing art. The impressive tongue piercing is a strong and unexpected point here.

If the bright makeup is not enough for you to emphasize your charm and beauty, do not neglect this wonderful snake bites piercing with fascinating stones.

The snake bites piercing is a cool decision, especially if you do it on your tongue. The right size of the jewelry is very significant in this case.

This snake bites piercing is called “venom tongue” that fully characterize the dangerous reptile. You can even color your tongue to achieve the strongest effect.

Two large blue barbells are taken for snake bites piercing. This piercing on the tongue needs special care and right jewelry to look perfect.

Say “gorgeous” means say nothing about this marvelous snake bites piercing. The bluish gems of different jewelry without any lipstick seem charming.

The young boys and piercing can make a good company! Look at this cute option of snake bite piercing – it is both simple and very attractive.

he enchantment and a certain devilry are mixed in this beautiful appearance of a young girl. Here the black snake bites piercing brings the notes of rebelliousness.

This snake bites piercing is a part of the peculiar image, which suits this guy a lot. The pierced ears, nose and lips never lose its popularity among non-ordinary youth.

The snake bites piercing is barely visible in cigarette smoke. Just two tiny spike studs under the lip resemble this well-known piercing.

The attractiveness of these lips is undeniable, but if you wish to add some uniqueness, think about such exciting snake bites piercing with silver pieces.

The combination of the septum with snake bites piercing will double the people’s admiration. The dangerous spike studs and nose horseshoe is impossible not to note.

The red lipstick and black snake bites piercing present a memorable image of the gothic queen. Do you want to express your dark side in this way?

The varied kinds of piercing on one lip is a staggering option for real men. The labret and snake bites piercing is nicely combined with brutal bristle.

The tattoo and piercing is a super way of self-expression. But here they gently complement each other in the form of lovely snake bites piercing and beautiful tattoo on the shoulder.

There is no shocking jewelry or uncommon design in this piercing. This standard snake bites piercing with metal decorations will be appreciated by conservative clients.

Do you desire to experience the thrills and excitement of your life? Then choose this tongue piercing, which looks great with snake bites piercing.

The girls adore diamonds, and when they decorate their ears, like in this work, it is a double pleasure. This luxurious floral jewelry enthralls immediately!