Underboob Tattoo Designs Ideas

Hot and sexy underboob tattoos also known as sternum tattoos have gone viral in the last few years. Located in the center of the chest the sternum is a nice place to get inked but without exaggeration one of the most painful. Usually, underboob tattoos start in between the breasts, go underneath them and extend to both sides in this way encircling beautiful natural shapes of woman’s body. Though there are plenty of tattoo designs both small and simple, that don’t cover much of skin.

Underboob Tattoos – Meanings and Common Designs

It would be hard to single out some specific meanings of sternum inks because the tattoo meaning usually depends on the design, not the placement. The underboob tattoos are commonly chosen by women due to their super sexy feminine image in a first place. Still, some prefer having their tattoos done under the breasts because these tattoos can be easily hidden and shown whenever it’s necessary. Interesting? Wait, there will be more. Read through the list of the best possible tattoo designs that can be placed under the breasts:

  • Flowers– roses, peonies, poppies, chrysanthemums, sunflowers, lotuses, wildflowers
  • Animals – bats, lions, tigers, rabbits, wolves
  • Birds – owls, parrots
  • Butterflies and moths
  • Snakes
  • Dragons
  • Geometric figures
  • Lace patterns
  • Hearts
  • Daggers
  • Human skulls or animal skulls
  • Mandala patterns
  • Wisdom knot
  • Mystical creatures like mermaids and fairies
  • Different inscriptions
  • Tribal patterns

Of course, it’s just a short list to inspire you, in fact, you are free to go with that tattoo design you like best, and it will look gorgeously on such intimate zone like under the breasts.

The Features of Underboob Tattoos

Women prefer either symmetrical or close to symmetrical tattoo designs which perfectly enframe breasts’ shape emphasizing femininity. When it comes to color palette, most women unexpectedly choose black and gray designs over colorful ones, though you can find some marvelous tattoos in color as well. One of the advantages of the underboob tattoo is that you can control its visibility. If you like your tattoo to be more personal, it’s easy to hide it under clothes. Yet if you want other people to enjoy the beauty of your tattoo, you can show it off with the help of crop top or deep v neck dress. There is a wide range of different tattoo styles available for the underboob tattoos like these:

  • Dotwork
  • Linework
  • Tribal
  • Black-and-gray
  • Blackwork
  • Minimalism
  • Realism
  • Watercolor

Find your inspiration in some of the most eye-catching underboob tattoo pictures that we’ve collected for you.

Beautiful light gray is perfect for depicting clear quartz crystals placed in the triangle on the sternum. If you adore geometric styles, Linework, in particular, the sharp lines of this gemstones tattoo will inspire you.

The fine lines of this delicate protea flower are amazing. Representing strength and courage the Protea underboob tattoo looks so alluring!

This Blackwork underboob tattoo with ornate spread wings of the bat is slightly quirky yet enchanting. Bats perfectly navigate in the dark. Thus the bat tattoo means adaptability and survival.

Since underboob tattoos are gaining more and more popularity, the variety of possible designs is increasing. If you are lost in researches for the perfect design, the beautiful, timeless Linework rose ink is exactly what you need.

Dotwork mandala patterns along with bold outline chrysanthemum tattoo look so nice under the breast of this girl. Thanks to the boldness of lines our attention is focused on chrysanthemum which is the symbol of harmony between life and death.

This cute light Dotwork style bunny sternum tattoo is coupled with alluring symmetrical rose branches stretching under both breasts. Rabbits aren’t just adorable little fluffy creatures; they represent fertility thus create symbolic designs for women.

Without doubts, symmetrical sternum tattoos with lace look much better than asymmetrical ones. Repeating the same pattern on both sides below breasts leads to some insanely beautiful chandelier style tattoo with every single element well-thought and well-inked.

Whether you have Native American origin or you just appreciate Indian culture, you can’t miss the chance to get tatted up with this amazing two-colored Dotwork Thunderbird under breasts. The combination or red and black ink is incredible here.

Simple in design yet rich in symbolism this tattoo of wisdom knot finds its place between the breasts. These bold black circular and straight lines stand for wisdom and intelligence showing that the tattoo bearer is capable of using her knowledge in life.

This refined voluminous Dotwork Lotus is accompanied by chandelier-like strings of beads and beauteous ornate lines that arching the breast. Rad piece of tattoo art!

These fine lines of mandala pattern follow beautiful body curves of this woman creating some feminine and truly amazing outline under breast tattoo that starts from near the armpit and goes lower encircling the breast.

Women are really tough since they get tattooed in such painful spot as under breasts. The result is worth going through all this pain. This gorgeous intense black butterfly tattoo is the best proof.

The lotus-mandala along with unalome symbol is quite a popular choice for a tattoo mostly if people are into Buddhism or Hinduism. Symbolizing purity and person’s path to enlightenment this tattoo is much more than meets the eye.

Boldly outlined and depicted without famous bat wings this Chinese dragon tattoo design is intricate and simple at the same time. Serving as a good luck talisman and symbolizing longevity, the dragon is the perfect option for underboob tattoo.

Considering the placement of this beautiful floral tattoo with heart-shaped lock the healing process will be tough since women wear bras but when healed it would serve as marvelous body decoration.

The space from between and under the boobs reminds a triangle so pretty much any triangular design or the one resembling a triangle shape is going to fit this body spot. This Linework dagger through apple tattoo decorated with flowers has triangle-like form and sits flawlessly on this girl sternum.

Flawless barely seen geometric figures complement this neat underboob tattoo piece that shows black and gray realistic aggressively roaring lion with some tree branches stretching to both sides.

An already classic tattoo theme with the dagger piercing anatomical heart has received a bunch of different interpretations. For some this tattoo means an unhappy love story or betrayal, for other, it signifies the pain people have to go through in life. Anyway, the tattoo looks splendid!

This amazing lotus chandelier underboob tattoo is nothing else than the body decoration highlighting femininity of its owner. So intricate and so alluring!

This ornate chandelier style tattoo of Death’s-head hawkmoth is done in black and gray under the breasts. Having received undeservedly ominous reputation, this harmless creature simply means searching for light in life.

For better result let the tattoo follow the contours of your breasts the same way as the picture shows. Depicted in a flight and decorated with different ornaments and chandelier inspired beaded strings, this owl underboob tattoo is so eye-catching!

The intense black and gray colors of this stunning realistic single rose tattoo make it quite distinctive on the background of pale skin color. The unopened rosebud symbolizes youth and beauty.

If you want the touch of flora on your skin, go for wildflowers sternum tattoo performed in black and gray. Besides, you don’t have to worry about future sagging since the design is placed in the center between the breasts.

This nice unalome lotus chandelier tattoo elegantly sits between the breasts. Originally taken from Hinduism unalome along with lotus symbolizes life challenges that person has to go through to reach enlightenment and perfection.

This huge black and gray tattoo piece depicting the bull skull with horns stretching from one boob to the other is decorated with a plethora of different outline flowers. The whimsical yet great choice for the underboob tattoo.

Curving down the breasts these nice mandala ornaments are so much different from what we are used to seeing. Besides if you want to flaunt your tattoo, you will look very sexy and seductive with this design.

The spiral, curved lines and lotus create unalome symbol that is quite popular among girls thanks to the simplicity and aesthetics of design and rich symbolism. Start your journey towards enlightenment with the cute little unalome tattoo.

These symmetrically perfect snakes that meet at the sternum near the star will please the eye of even the most demanding perfectionist. Along with fine jagged lines and dotted circle, the tattoo looks impressive.

This black and gray sunflower sternum tattoo hypnotizes and inspires with its perfect Fibonacci sequence of seeds. Since the sunflower is combined with other lovely five-petal flowers and buds, it creates the wondrous underboob design.

This glorious floral tattoo filigree mesmerizes us with each line and detail. Subtle ornaments and Dotwork shading create the elegance of this sternum tattoo.

Peonies are ones of a few flowers that look flawlessly in Linework especially when design covers much of skin. Of course, you may opt to smallish piece, but we would recommend this beauteous huge peony tattoo composition under the breasts.

We especially love the fine lines of this cute poppy flowers tattoo. Since the flowers are hanging down, they ideally fit the place under the breast and look so lovely.

Mermaids have been known as the most beautiful marine creatures whose hypnotic voice could seduce even the toughest sailor. If you want to emphasize the natural beauty of your breasts, opt to mermaid tattoo and you won’t regret!

You can find a lot of chandelier tattoo ideas for your underboob spot each beautiful in its way. This unique piece is decorated with feathers and hanging teardrop jewels and totally worth your attention.

Bet you are already thinking about booking your tattoo artist to get this beauty under your breasts. Charming and intricate lotus mandala tattoo design with the unalome symbol is so in vogue right now.

Inspired by the lyrics of Thrice “…Love is a loyalty sworn, not a burning for a moment” this inscription tattoo is elegantly placed around the lower contours of both breasts.

Fully encircle the breasts like some ancient armor these Tribal patterns are superb. Unfold the warrior spirit inside you with this fantastic Tribal sternum ink.

This barely there unalome tattoo symbolizes reaching the enlightenment in Buddhism. The symbol consists of three parts: the spiral stands for the beginning of your path, the curls signify the struggles in life, and the straight line shows harmony. Cute, simple and meaningful.

Symbolizing freedom this awesome Dotwork Tattoo of ornate wings that are spread below the breasts consists of solid black outlines that make the tattoo look so distinctive and attractive.

Be sure that with this beautiful, complicated underboob tattoo depicting the wolf, mandala and some leaves arching the breasts you’ll get all the attention on a beach.

Combining letterings with Watercolor color splashes isn’t new in tattoo art, yet it’s always a stylish way to implement your tattoo desires. “Volente Deo” inscription is written in Latin and means “God’s willing”.

The intricate floral patterns of this lion head tattoo are so beautiful, thanks to highly detailed work of tattoo artist. If you consider yourself as a creative and extraordinary person, this ornate tattoo design is for you.

There tons of lotus tattoo designs which you can opt to. Stop searching because you are looking at one of the most attractive schematic images of lotus flower symbolizing purity. Use this idea and twist it the way you want it to look.
This super cute and sexy monochrome side underboob tattoo of palm leaf enchants with its beauty and simplicity of lines.

This marvelous sternum tattoo design consists of Buddhist spiritual symbol unalome in the triangle with the half-mandala pattern. The semicolon is here to remind that all the beautiful things are about to come and it is not the time to end the sentence that is symbolic of life.

Those who choose a lotus flower for a tattoo want to show that their thoughts are as clean as petals of this delicate flower. When it comes to design, nothing works better than the combination of lotus and mandala that looks so elegant!

The best thing about mandala patterns is that you can look at them for hours and find more and more details every single second. The same is with this awesome underboob tattoo of the circular mandala that hypnotizes at first sight.

Some sternum tattoos especially those with chandelier style become too cheesy, yet peony designs are never out of vogue. No wonder, just take a closer look at how these charming black ink flowers beautifully blend with woman’s body.

This outline lotus underboob tattoo is as delicate as the flower itself. Perfect size, fine lines and soft shading – all of these components make this tattoo so elegant and classy.

Woman love jewelry so why not use them in tattoo art? This black and gray realistic rose sternum tattoo is decorated so well with hanging strings of beads with gems that we are truly amazed. Plus, thanks to the clever placement of rose’s leaves, the tattoo has its triangle-like shape that fits the underboob.

You can express your fascination with Native American culture or your origin with the help of this adorable Indian girl tattoo. Super location for this tattoo because it’s up to you whom to show this beauty.

These fascinating, intricate Dotwork patterns create some kind of frame tattoo for woman’s breasts. If you simply look for body decoration without any hidden meanings, go for these interweaved patterns and you will not regret the decision.

The way a moth is guided by the light of the moon, the woman with moth tattoo is guided by her life goals that she had set in her mind. This conception is perfectly embodied in this awesome Dotwork moth sternum tattoo.

You may ask: “What kind of design should I choose for my underboob area?”. Pretty much any design that fits your body lines. If you like parrots, opt for the flying parrot underboob tattoo. Just take a look how nice it is.