38 Unicorn Tattoo Designs

The unicorn is one of the most popular mythical creatures. Its mystical and poetic image suits strong men and tender young girls, as the tattoo designs are so diverse to satisfy a wide variety of tastes.

The unicorn is the sacred and inviolable creatures in the mythology of many cultures. The popularity of unicorn tattoos is associated with an increase of interest in the fantasy genre. The girls apply it to emphasize their chastity, while men appreciate this animal for its power and protection that it provides.

Unicorn Tattoos Meaning

Having a tattoo with unicorn you will not be misunderstood. In all cultures, this mythical animal is considered to be a harbinger of happiness. According to a legend only chaste girl could attract and tame this animal, thus, it embodies virginity, purity and perfect beauty.

The unicorn tattoo symbolizes the core values and character traits:

  • strength;
  • courage;
  • bravery;
  • justice;
  • fortune;
  • invulnerability;
  • nobility;
  • pure love;
  • sensuality;
  • ruthlessness;
  • longevity;
  • wisdom;
  • harshness;
  • insane temperament;
  • perfection;
  • high status;
  • energy;
  • positive;

The horn of the unicorn also has several meanings:

  • power and wealth;
  • infinity;
  • healing;
  • mind and wisdom;
  • sexual attraction;
  • ray of the sun.

In different countries, the unicorns are complemented with the distinctive nuances. Sometimes it is combined with Pegasus, adding to the picture white wings. This creature conceals a lot of captivating ideas and symbols, such as:

  • freedom of the spirit;
  • dedication;
  • mystery;
  • inspiration;
  • power;
  • majesty;
  • courage;

 Unicorn Tattoos – Features and Location

The meaning of unicorn tattoo can be complicated by using some interesting characters and forms like:

  • dolphin;
  • zombie;
  • rainbow;
  • flowers;
  • skeleton;
  • name;
  • galaxy;
  • skull;

Depending on the color of the animal, the tattoo will change the meaning:

  • Black unicorn is a sign of motivation, strength, determination;
  • Pink determines friendliness, femininity and openness;
  • Blue symbolizes tranquility and stability;
  • Gray is a color of sanity and harmony;
  • Green denotes wisdom and experience;
  • Red identifies leadership, perseverance and superiority.

The typical appearance of a unicorn is a white horse with a light, spiral horn on its forehead. However, the lovers of experiments may try unusual bright colors, ornaments and designs:

  • tribal;
  • portrait of union;
  • origami;
  • realistic style;
  • watercolor;
  • cartoon image;

The unicorn is so beautiful and graceful that it deserves a prominent place, it can not be hidden from the public eyes. The most popular parts of the body are:

  • finger;
  • sleeve;
  • thigh ;
  • shoulder;
  • back;
  • foot;

Unicorn Tattoo Designs Ideas

The always positive creature unicorn is presented in an unusual form: the evil grin, bloody wounds may say about great disappointment in life.

The tender unicorn is placed on the woman’s side. This tattoo radiates femininity, which is emphasized with flowers and a tiny heart on the muzzle.

Here is a shining pattern of a unicorn with stars. The blue animal with purple mane and flower indicates nobility and spirituality.

This baby unicorn is one of the cutest rib tattoos of this animal without a rival. It is created for gentle and sensual girls.

The unicorn in modern sunglasses suggests a fresh direction in the representation of this animal. The multicolored splashes put the final accents.

The creative, open-minded people should think about this stylish unicorn. The trendiest color of its mane and purple ornament around make it fantastic!

This lovely tattoo on the forearm produces bright emotions, which not surprising, as colorful flowers and rainbow are the basis of composition.

The sweet unicorn on the cloud reminds of untroubled childhood, full of positive memories. You are captivated by its kindness immediately.

The heroes of famous cartoon become real in this tattoo art. The pink unicorn and its friend are on guard for good and justice.

There is a spectacular scene of pink unicorn and Narwhal on the thigh. This new interpretation of good and evil opposition is exciting.

The gorgeous portrait of the unicorn is inked on the calf. The dazzling splashes of purple, blue, pink and orange bring fabulous charming.

This unicorn is so small but cute at the same time. The contrast between this blue animal and its yellow horn is amazing.

This pink horn of spiral shape is the embodiment of the unicorn. Here it is performed with a green bow that seems very coquettish.

The traditional unicorn image can be transformed into brutal man’s tattoo. Though, this skeletal creature in the yellow background may even terrify.

The funny blue ornament with pink unicorn covers the sleeve. The rainbow, snail and other characters create an unforgettable painting on the body.

The red unicorn is a sign of a leader. In this case, it is depicted with flowers and bijouterie.

The fans of enormous tattoos should notice this purple unicorn idea. The animal is supplemented by mandala, lotuses, which are symbols of femininity.

The tribal design adds a bit audacity to the refined image of a unicorn. The fascinating interweaving of black patterns looks super on the leg.

This terrible unicorn presentation is far from a lovely one. The green animal with a purple mane and faded roses expresses pain.

The origami tattoo shows your interest in the east culture. This laconic unicorn pattern is endowed with a certain philosophical sense.

The pink unicorn with a horrendous monster illustrates the combination of extremely opposite things –dark and light sides of one personality.

Here the rainbow ornament is perfectly complemented with a small unicorn head, which resembles the press clipping in this chaotic tattoo art.

This lovely unicorn with floral ornament on the hip will be the desired variant for any girls, who appreciate this mythical symbol.

Three identical unicorns with medallions, embellished with a frame of magnificent flowers, may signify the strong union of kindred souls.

The cartoon heroes are usually very bright and memorable, which is ideally presented in this tattoo of an orange unicorn.

The skeleton image itself evokes a feeling of anxiety. However, this unicorn tattoo on the forearm can indicate the value of life.

The extravagant unicorn tattoo is prepared for connoisseurs of beauty. The variety of purple, blue, pink shades makes it astonishing.

This tattoo destroys all stereotypes about unicorn creature. Here we see a beautiful girl with a horn on her head surrounded with numerous toys.

The inscriptions make the tattoo more personal like in this case, the incredible pattern of the unicorn is supplemented by a name “Amy”.

This purple unicorn appears so mysterious on the forearm, which is achieved through the marvelous galaxy technique on its mane.

This skull unicorn is scary and bewitching. There is an impression that a real bone of this animal in the dark background is depicted.

The black and white tattoo of unicorn looks excellent on the male forearm. The creature is inked with geometric elements of circle and triangle.

Here the unicorn is only a small part of a complicated composition. The contrast between black animal and its colorful horn strikes the most.

The idea of the highly aggressive unicorn may find many fans, as it illustrates how strong and bravery this creature can be if necessary.

The tattoo master creates a royal image of a unicorn: attractive accessories, the feather behind its head – everything says about wealth and greatness.

This tattoo is a good choice to decorate your wrist with a stylish and not primitive image of a blue and purple unicorn.

The chess in the form of the unicorn is definitely something new and creative. The whole work in black coloring looks innovative.

The love theme is very popular in tattooing, so why not apply this amazing ornament of two unicorns as a symbol of your dedication.

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