Unique Ideas of Silver Nail Designs

What girl doesn`t want to be attractive and desirable? It looks like ladies of all ages and professions seek to stay neat, classic and impressive at all times and under all circumstances! They have so many secrets and tricks which can help every woman to interest and intrigue other people! Perfectly manicured hands with creative nail designs are an important component of an ideal look!

It`s very important to choose the design which is creative, unique, and can reflect the inner world of its owner! Sounds a little bit difficult, isn`t it? But in fact, you can find a solution for this problem without making efforts! It`s silver nail designs!  You`ll be surprised, but a manicure with different silver designs are considered to be luxurious, chic, glamor and trendy!

There is an enormous amount of ways to use silver nail designs! You can make all your nails silver with the help of glitters, powder or foil; decorate them with silver Swarovski crystals and shining rhinestones with the striping tape!  It`s also possible to add a touch of metallic or the effect of a mirror, create a wonderful pattern and complement it with silver. You also can make all nails silver or emphasize only some of them! But the most popular variant is the combination of different colors and designs which are united with silver elements!

Silver nail designs are absolutely perfect for holidays, parties, weddings… But who dares to object that nails with silver designs are perfectly used in your everyday life? Furthermore, it`s so much better to spend time with pretty nails covered with attractive designs which can add some shine in your boring days!

Are you ready for a bright look? Do you want to be in the center of attention? Do you need special nail designs? It`s not a problem anymore!  The variety of ideas for silver nail designs will impress you as well as all people around you! Don`t hesitate! It`s your chance to be attractive with silver nail designs!

Long transparent nails covered with the elements of the silver foil, stripping tapes and complemented with Swarovski crystals are always perfection! This manicure is ideal for young ladies!

Manicure is the basis of a good mood for women! The design with the use of matte black lace on the index and small fingers and glossy mirror flakes on the ring finger are interesting!

Want to have an unordinary manicure? Glossy black is paired well with silver glitters! A pair of rhinestones and steel volumetric elements will make your nails unusual! This design is a little bit crazy!

What an excellent stiletto nails! Cover some nails with silver glitters and emphasize other with black and silver ombre! Thanks to a huge amount of shine you will always be in the spotlight!

Not only hands but also your feet should be attractive! The combination of glossy black and white colors with glitters and lines look very neat! A décor draws attention to the toe and its design!

The Fabulous Finger Tattoos That Are Insanely Popular

Ballerina nails with black and silver coat look as if they are made for a real queen! A triangle half moon manicure is emphasized with big sparkling rhinestones, and will complement every look!

Unobtrusive long black nails with the line made with the help of silver glitters are attractive! These nails are suitable for each girl who wants to look beautiful with no-frills!

These long coffin nails look fantastic! Silver and gold glitters, three-dimensional flowers and the pattern which looks like the snake scales will become your favorite elements! Everything is so beautiful!

The absolutely stunning combination of different colors! Gloomy matte black, bright blue and chrome mirror steel are so spectacular! Manicure molding in the form of flowers and rhinestones will impress everybody!

Long stiletto nails with the chrome mirror powder of two different colors look impressive! Steel and Emerald Colors combined with a few white nails with sparkling gold elements are exactly what you need!

Long Nails with an Unusual Design

Not very long ballerina nails decorated with the help of different colors and silver glitters are an interesting combination! Lilac, turquoise and yellow colors create a bright mood! So beautiful!

The combination of gold and silver nails are a good choice if you want to have a fancy manicure! What can be more festive than silver nails and the elements of the gold foil?

Nude nails and light blue with shimmers complemented with crystals and volumetric flowers of the same colors are gorgeous! The effect of marble on some nails and ombre aren`t for everyone! It`s for you!

The dark gray color is a perfect backdrop for this unobtrusive design! The glitter accent near cuticles and glitter nails covered with the matte top coat make round nails more expressive!

Silver glitters are very beautiful and attractive on their own! Sometimes it`s enough to cover all your nails with the silver polish and add glitters to get an uncommon look!

The Meanings of Infinity Tattoo

Make your day special with the help of glitter nail art! Dark and light silver glitters which are combined in the ombre technique and the geometrical pattern with crystals are perfect for birthday nails!

Stand out with these nails! Extremely long pointy nails can be well complemented with the silver and white polish and glitters! Decorate some nails as for French manicure and put crystals on them!

Metallic silver chrome nails with the shade of blue are seriously incredible! Sexy black lips with abstract patterns on the white background and crystals with pearls look daring!

The delicate combination of white and pink with black and white floral ornaments and confetti on some nails is a good choice for your manicure! Dark silver glitters and crystals will complement your hands!

Neon pink nails with crystals near cuticles are worn by really daring ladies! Gray tip with the pink line on the index finger, abstract pattern on the ring finger and the tri-colored thumb are awesome!

Bright Pink Nail Designs for Attractive Women

It`s easy to do such an attractive shiny and pointy almond nails! Just use the metallic foil of the silver color on the nails covered with the bluish polish, and you`ll have a desirable result!

Red always mean attractive! Translucent nails with red tips and silver glitters which complemented with volumetric flowers with red and silver crystals will become your love! It`s a really great pleasure to wear these nails!

You`ll become obsessed with these long ballerina nails! Chrome mirror nails can be made easily with the help of special powder! It`s an ideal variant for those who don`t like nails with glitters!

Platinum nails with the mix of iridescent fine white and holographic glitters are something like a real treasure! Shiny crystals and the white floral design on grey are a good addition to your image!

Create the winter atmosphere with the silver paint! Almond nails decorated with the silver coat, shimmers and confetti look like a real frosty snow! Emphasize some nails with white ornament and enjoy the result!

The Astounding Bird Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Combine different shades of gray with everything! The effect of marble, silver striping tape, ombre effect with chrome tips and finally the ensemble of rhinestones! It`s easy to be an exceptional lady!

Long square nails with the light green color decorated with Swarovski crystals and opal stones near cuticles have a fresh look! Something even better is the silver foil on index fingers! What a creative idea!

Matte black and shining silver colors are always a good blend for a good manicure! The elements of the silver foil, crystals completely covering the index finger and some crystals on other fingers are luxury!

Nails with the cat eye effect are on trend! Make some nails matte, and decorate them with some ornaments and glitters to get a magnificent manicure! It`s suitable for nails of all shapes and length!

Grey short nails of different shades and the silver foil create an unforgettable view for your hands! Geometrical image of the black deer on the ring finger will attract the attention to your manicure!

Red and Black Nail Design Ideas

Need an easy way to dress up your hands? Have a lovely manicure with this delicate shade of pink! Silver nail tips with glitters are an interesting addition to your look! Simple but gorgeous!

Glamor ladies always choose the brilliance and luxury! Holographic index and little fingers, silver sparkle nail tips on middle fingers and ring fingers fully covered with small and big crystals will produce the wow-effect!

Are you tired of too extravagant nails but still want to shine? You don`t need to cover nails fully! Everything you need is to make nail tips with silver glitters and confetti! Absolutely brilliant!

These silver nails are one of the best executions of the chrome you`ve ever seen! Floral patterns, matte black nail tips and some Swarovski crystals are flawless!

Want to have a special manicure? Light silver nails with the matte top coat and Swarovski crystals combined with the translucent nails full of multicolored confetti are really non-standard!

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