Subtle and Delicate White Ink Tattoos

White ink tattoos become much trendier nowadays despite all their cons that you may look up on the internet. As opposed to traditional black tattoos or even colorful, white ink tattoos require more proper aftercare but still, they have their advantages and unique beauty.

What Do You Need to Know about White Ink Tattoo?

To start with, white ink tattoos are the ones that can change the way they look like at the end. So, before you get one you have to know all the tricky sides of white ink tattoos.

  • Depending on your skin tone white ink tattoo can look differently. People with dark tones of skin or with freckles should consider the traditional tattoo instead of white ink;
  • White ink tattoos tend to fade away in course of time;
  • Sunbathing isn’t welcomed if you want to have the white ink tattoo done;
  • You need to take much more care of a white ink tattoo than after a traditional;
  • White ink tattoos shine like a lamp in black light or under UV rays.

White Ink Tattoo Designs and Ideas

In case white ink tattoos are done correctly, they look just awesome, especially on lighter or pale skin.  If you consider having a white ink tatt, take some of the most popular designs into account:

  • Mandala;
  • Lace;
  • Flowers and trees;
  • Snowflakes;
  • Harry Potter forehead scar;
  • White crosses;
  • Animals, birds, and insects;
  • Hearts;
  • Stars, the sun, the moon;
  • Compass and/or arrow;
  • Different geometrical shapes and ornaments;
  • Tribal or Celtic tattoo patterns;
  • Angel wings, feathers
  • Dates, initials, lettering etc.

The features of white ink tattoos

There are numerous tattoo designs and ideas which you can implement in the white dye. Due to color, even common designs can look differently. In the case with white tattoos, the meaning and symbolism depend on the design, not on the color. White ink tattoos fit both men and women.

If you don’t want your parents or employers know about your tattoo, white ink is just perfect.

White inks are not too complex with minimum details and shading that make them easy to get. It’s better to choose the spot on your body that doesn’t contact with sunlight to avoid fading.

Interested? For more awesome white ink tattoo ideas check out our list of the most interesting designs.

White Ink Tattoo Ideas

When a white ink tattoo is healed, you have to take a closer look at it to actually see it. Almost inconspicuous, yet attractive this white ink tattoo depicting the rose looks fantastically on the shoulder.

A snowflake tattoo will never look as beautiful in black color as it looks in white. It is charming and delicate and reminds of the real snowflake!

Most white ink tattoos have this bizarre scar look in a good meaning of this word. But unlike scarification, white inks look more neatly.

In case you want to get a tattoo but you don’t want to upset your mom who is against tattoos, get a tiny white ink tattoo. It is cute and almost inconspicuous.

White inks are just awesome as complementing decorations to a traditional black tattoo. They create intricate ornaments that resemble beautiful lace.

We guess that such a strong symbol of purity as a cross can be better implemented in a tattoo with white color, the color of innocence and purity of spirit.

White flowers such as chrysanthemums have phenomenal look when they are inked in white dye with their contours only.

Men can go for white ink tattoos as well. The scales of this snake create an intricate tattoo design on hand.

Some may say that white ink tattoos covering most of the body look like a rash or some skin disease. Here is the opposite proof of delicate lace-like white tattoo on arm.

If you want to reach the best results in a white ink tattoo, it is better not to use stencils as they may blend with white color and spoil it. Still, this phoenix tattoo isn’t spoilt at all.

Without any doubts white ink tattoos look more alluring on skin with darker tones, but, unfortunately, they fade away quickly. As a solution, try getting a temporary white ink tattoo that looks marvelously.

Once you got a white ink tattoo you have to take better care of it, avoiding sunbathing and tan. Though sunlight is not required, white inks look more amazing on tanned skin.

Hello to all Harry Potter fans! Here you can see a really cute white ink wrist tattoo with lettering that says: “Dumbledore’s army”. Join the army and get a tattoo.

If you are an extraordinary person who wants to have a unique tattoo design, consider inking different geometric ornaments in the white dye. Looks neat!

This girl has chosen an interesting design and spot for this simple yet cute floral white ink tattoo. Let’s hope that it will last longer to please the eyes.

Roses are by far the most popular flowers that tattooed in white color. Though this white ink tattoo with roses will not stay precise forever, still it looks insanely beautiful on the dark skin.

It’s easy to explain why white inks look better on dark skin. Due to the contrast white dye creates with dark tones, tattoos are more visible and unique-looking!

Dates and years are usually inked to immortalize some event that is important to the tattoo bearer. People with the darker color of the skin may be interested in tattooing dates in white to make it more distinctive.

There’s a question which every tattoo admirer ask himself: “Will I find a good job position with a tattoo?” With the white ink tattoo, you don’t have to worry about job prospects because it is almost invisible.

Some tattoo designs look even more attractive if they are inked in white color. For instance, feathers become more delicate and lighter if they are tattooed in white.

A knife tattoo has a wide range of meanings among which are freedom, revenge, duality, sacrifice etc. No matter what kind of significance you put in your white ink knife tattoo, it looks interesting.

As a sign of love heart symbol can be inked in any color and size. Depending on your preferences, you can get a tiny white ink heart tattoo on any spot, on the inside of a finger, for instance.

By simply playing on contrast a tattoo artist can create a unique piece with white ink covering the black canvas. This amazing white ornamental tattoo is quite unusual in design.

If there is some special person you want to reveal your feelings to, tattooing q white ink rose is a nice representation. It will be personal and poignant as others can’t even notice it at first.

If you are keen on raves, consider inking a white ink tattoo which will glow under the black light in the club. Thanks to the fluorescent pigment in white ink your tattoo will get its gleaming sheen on any party.

One more reason why white ink tattoos have become popular is that celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Kate Moss wear proudly white inks on their bodies. Check out this amazing chrysanthemum on the thigh and consider it for the white ink tattoo.

The skin reaction on white ink can be different. If you have got tender skin, the tattoo may look like a scar eventually. Still, even scars can be beautiful as the picture shows us.

A tree tattoo whether it is inked in black or white color carries many symbolic meanings to choose from. This white ink tree tattoo on pale skin looks insanely beautiful.

Surely that after the very first “Harry Potter” book was published, many people became true fans. Many still get lightning bolt tattoos on foreheads the same as the Harry forehead scar.

The lettering tattooed in white ink inspires the bearer to take the life easy and just breathe. Almost inconspicuous this wrist tattoo is poignant and motivational.

Underboob tattoos look sexy and intriguing even in traditional black. But if they are artfully tattooed in white ink, the excitement from looking at them will be endless.

People fascinated by science and nature perfection often get tattooed with Fibonacci golden spiral which geometric beauty, elegance, and uniqueness speak for themselves.

Doves as symbols of purity and Holy Spirit should be rather inked in white color which also symbolizes purity and lightness.

It is uncommon to see bat tattoo in white ink but this exactly what adds a special flavor to the design. The bat while tattooed with two heads can mean duality or hypocrisy.

If you want to make your tattoo more personal, consider tattooing it in white ink. Though white infinity tattoos are not high-impact, they are discreet and subtle.

This extraordinary geometric white ink tattoo is so complex in design that the excitement of getting it can be eternal!

Floral motives are timeless and very tasteful as this adorable white ink plant tattoo on the finger shows us!

You may wonder how to tell temporary white ink tattoo from permanent. Temporary look more clearly as if they were drawn with gel milky pen.

As a symbol of love that always comes with some sort of sacrifices, the rose with thorns performed in white ink looks fantastically beautiful!

Perhaps almost all the designs can be depicted in white ink but the ones in Geometric style look exclusively attractive.

Due to the intricate combination of lines, circles and other geometric shapes getting tattooed with mandala design takes a lot of time but it’s totally worth it especially in white ink.

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