Wrist Tattoos for Women, Wristband for Girls

The wrist is one of the most visible parts of our body, which many people choose to get a unique and remarkable tattoo and as a result, catch the eyes of others. The inner wrist is the most common and meaningful place to ink, as it is an area, where the heart’s blood pulses close to the surface. Despite the small size, wrist tattoo completes your appearance and becomes a key of attraction.

Designs and Ideas of Wrist Tattoos

The small area of the wrist does not require large, complicated tattoos. They are usually tiny, cute but rich in meanings, which depend on personal purposes and the chosen image. Some people desire to have a tattoo that will inspire them and always feel strong: the quotes and letterings are the best choices for it. Other people show love and dedication for their lovers in the form of names or some lovely matching tattoos.

Among a big choice of various designs the most typical are:

  • Flowers – are usually taken by women. The ladies prefer bright, colorful options.
  • Butterflies can be associated with the flower designs, but they can be chosen by men as well. You may find the tiny butterfly in one color or elegant tattoo in various colors.
  • Astrological tattoos– are based on the date of birth of the wearer or zodiac signs. It is predominantly located on the inner wrist.
  • Bird tattoo can present a single bird or a flock of birds. Doves and eagles are the most common designs.
  • Musical tattoos include phrases from a song or musical notes. They are a nice choice for music lovers.
  • Bracelets or wristbands are inked around the wrist and can be used as jewelry.
  • Other tattoo designs comprise skull, whale, animals (fox, lion, elephant), grapefruit, the moon, space, Egyptian symbols, crystals, fish, eye, key, tree, leaf, waves, snake, heart, cross, geometrical elements, feathers, infinity

There are no restrictions in coloring. Thus, black or black and gray designs work well as well as colorful ones. The patterns performed in different styles, such as:

  • Surrealism;
  • Minimalism;
  • Sketch style;
  • Celtic;
  • Tribal;
  • Graphic style;
  • Watercolor;
  • Cartoon style;

Does Wrist Tattoo Hurt?

Tattoo on the wrist hurts more than on most other parts of the body. Different parts of the wrist lead to varied pain level, because of bony areas and different thickness of the skin. The top of the wrist is not so painful (pain scale is 1-2 of 10), the bottom of the wrist hurts just slightly more (2-3 out of 10), the sides are also quite bony, so these are highly unpleasant places to get tattooed on too. The worst part is inside, over the tendons of the hand. The pain in this area is quite deep and intense, but tolerable.

Some Advice before Getting Wrist Tattoo

  1. Take time in choosing a design, as you are going to see it all the time.
  2. The wrist tattoo is small but very visible and not always can be hidden under the clothing that can create problems at work places.
  3. Choose a proper artist, who is not too rough. Make sure that environment is sterile and tattoo master uses sterile gloves and new needles unpacked from a sterile bag.
  4. The colorful and intricate designs make you experience more pain than simple thin lines and lettering, as tattoo artist needs to go over the same parts again and again with coloring ink.
  5. The wrist is exposed to the sunlight, so it is important to apply sunscreen almost every day to prevent a wonderful tattoo from fading.

So, the wrist tattoo is a universal pattern for both men and women of any age. It can be classy of flirty, threatening or funny. Try to find a masterpiece that will describe your personality and complete your image.
This black and gray tattoo definitely belongs to the lover of cars. Lamborghini and Bentley are two gorgeous brands which are presented in the highly realistic way on the body.

The simple word “always” on the inner wrist is a part of the symbolic tattoo with Deathly Hallows on the ankle. This tattoo points to a real fan of “Harry Potter” stories.

Are you in love and want to show this beautiful feeling to everybody? Then, this nice idea of wrist tattoo is for you. This couple in front of the universe with letters below is an ideal option for lovers.

This bright composition of a bear and fish is done in very bright colors. The exciting tattoo covers the forearm up to the wrist, connecting you with a piece of wild nature.

This floral ornament on the forearm is rich in black coloring. But what makes this tattoo uncommon is a space on the wrist, which is left without ink and resembles a white wristband.

Men quite often choose something unrealistic or even frightening for a tattoo like this unusual insect on the wrist. This small creature with a human eye is unbelievable!

The women with floral tattoos always look stunning. In this photo, a lady is embellished with beautiful patterns of flowers not only on the wrist but also on the hand and thigh.

This small tattoo illustrates a popular combination of skull and flower. The idea of death and life are embodied in one black pattern on the wrist.

The surrealistic tattoo presents a mind game. The intriguing image of a man with rhombic elements instead of head presents a complicated, known only for its wearer, idea.

Whale symbolizes power, calmness, strength and greatness. Even such small tattoo of this sea creature looks impressive on the wrist; the stars complement this image.

This colorful tattoo in the form of the floral bracelet is a perfect alternative for tender girls. This pattern is a delicate symbol of femininity, which will increase your attractiveness.

The design of this wrist tattoo is outstanding! Here you see a big eye with numerous black patterns, which resemble the rays of the sun. Everything is done in black ink that adds mystery.

Do you appreciate simplicity with deep meaning? Look at this famous laurel crown on the crown, which is so tiny but denotes important notions like strength, courage, intelligence and, of course, victory.

Egyptian culture is full of interesting symbols, which find their new interpretation in the form of a tattoo. This dark ornament on the wrist looks a bit mysterious with a number of ancient patterns.

If you are a fan of cartoon tattoos, consider this design. Here Stitch and his teddy bear are heroes of this marvelous tattoo in sketch style. This funny image will suit young, dreamy girls!

There is something unique in the image of the moon that excites our mind. The special mystery, calm and radiance create this unusual moon tattoo on the wrist.

This is one of the sweetest tattoos of fruit that you have ever seen! The tiny slice of grapefruit is presented in so bright coloring that desire to taste it appears at once.

“Hello, tattoo” is simple lettering on both wrists looks cool without a doubt! The strict type font seems ideal in this case.

The tattoo with stars is a good sign that denotes good luck, superiority and prosperity. Here there are two stars: a big white star and a small black one, which may convey specific meaning for the owner.

The bracelet with flowers is a typical option for wrist tattoo. But this black ornament represents a nice mix of florets and Ghibli character. This funny cartoon hero is a superb choice for a girlish tattoo.

The awesome composition of flowers completely covers the inner wrist. Two big florets and numerous small buds will bring you inspiration for new initiatives.

The tattoo with crystals is for purposeful people, who wish to attract good luck. This tattoo of several lilac crystals illustrates a cool example of a rich and elegant decoration.

Here the fox occupies the forearm and wrist creating an amazing, memorable ornament. This red beast is frequently chosen by girls to emphasize their audacity and sexuality.

A revolver is a dangerous object, isn’t it? – But not in this case. This colorful tattoo evokes only positive emotions and focuses on your hooligan feelings, freedom and self-confidence.

It is believed that goldfish can fulfill desires. However, it can be used as an incredible tattoo too. The girl takes this small fish with a vivid tail as a symbol of the harmony of beauty, femininity and grace.

The elegance is a characteristic feature of this pretty plant. The smooth transition from green, red to pink and purple produces unforgettable impression from the tattoo.

The talented sketch of the eye is placed on the wrist. The eye seems so realistic that it is impossible not to notice it. Power and control are key issues of this image.

The Russian equivalent of a famous Latin quote “Spiritu non cadere, corde non senescere” is done on both wrists. It means never give up and always stay young at heart.

The general meanings of a key are mystery, fidelity and knowledge but this symbol is so multifaceted that you may add your interpretation. The side of the wrist is the best place for the oblong shape of the key.

This tiny lion tattoo still expresses strength and power in spite of a very compact size. The black and gray animal keeps you feel confident and invulnerable.

“I can and I will” is a wonderful motto, isn’t it? Besides, it is drawn interestingly. The green, horizontal label has a marvelous mark on the wrist.

The green, juicy leaf of clover reminds of sunny, summer days. This cute tattoo on the wrist reveals significant meanings of love, faith and hope.

The snake is a great choice for wrist tattoo. The creature, which encircles a part of your body, looks impressive, especially if this snake has such flashy coloring.

This Norwegian phrase means “Life is now”. The italics font and a rose from one side give a special charm to this beautiful tattoo. It looks ideal on the tender female wrist.

This tattoo presents a sweet image of a berry with green leaves. The creative, energetic girls will appreciate this unusual but charming choice of tattoo.

This tattoo in dotwork style will definitely make you think positively. The striking phrase with an admirable floral pattern conveys a life-affirming message.

There are many examples of heart images in tattooing, but this anatomical option stands out. The detailed performance, extremely thin lines and a white cross create a delightful design.

This light touch around the wrist in the form of a thin line is unbelievable. This simple design is not so visible and eye-catching that you will not worry how to hide it if necessary.

The exquisite Camellia with its beautiful buds and shiny leaves serves a perfect decoration for any tattoo. Here it is complemented with a lettering below, which makes it very personal.

The gentle and graceful image of feather finds many fans among women. The black and gray feather with a tiny circle has a gorgeous look along the wrist and symbolizes freedom, purity and dream.

The symbol of the eye is usually used by people, who love authority and control. The idea to depict the eye within a globe that resembles planet with a satellite is unbelievable. The mix of red and black inks adds brightness.

This glorious bracelet consists of tiny florets and green leaves that gently bound together on the wrist. What can be better for elegant, romantic ladies?

The phrase “I am enough” will be probably drawn by a person in difficult life situation. This tattoo is fully lack of coloring and looks like a sticker that is glued to the skin.

What about decorating the top of your wrist with such an amazing dragonfly? This creature embodies speed, strength and mysticism. The wings around the wrist and long body along the forearm seem fabulous.

The tattoo of lightning belongs to the most spectacular. This powerful image denotes strength, the energy of life, beauty and mystery. Its red design with some blue touches excites a lot!

Two swallows flying on the side of the wrist is both nice ornament and symbolic tattoo. This lovely bird is regarded to be a sign of love, fortune, freedom and youth.

The simple yet so expressive word “trust” is presented in the form of a tattoo on the inner wrist. This tattoo design is a clear example of the minimalistic style.

Two small swallows flying towards each other may symbolize love and trust. This tattoo looks particularly refined on the delicate girl’s wrist. The hieroglyph adds some intimate meaning.

The flowers are a common choice for wrist tattoo, but the design of this pattern is worth attention. The central element is a rose in a heart shape with lovely floral ornaments on both sides.

“Memento mori” and “Keep it real” are dark marks left on the skin forever. The highly pessimistic black phrases look really cool and bold on the wrists.

This well-designed tattoo represents snake embellished with flowers. The exciting range of the brightest flowers creates colorful composition. The snake image denotes power, wisdom and temptation.

The artist managed to design multilayered wristband tattoo in dotwork and linework styles. Each of the layers is a unique, individual ornament with geometric elements.

This masterpiece looks like an action film with special effects. The animals resemble a flock of buffalos. This black and gray tattoo is a perfect ornament for strong and brave men.

This Disney character is known for everybody from childhood. Here Mickey Mouse in modern sunglasses shows notorious gesture. Do you want to have a bit aggressive cartoon hero?

The simplest, the best – is about this tattoo on the wrist. Only two thin lines in red and black colors make an interesting wristband. Some sports within red line bring a special spice.

The flowers are usually depicted in a colorful spectrum, but this tattoo is another thing. The small floral composition in the black and gray ink is the best possible design here.

This cross does not involve any drawings or colors, just two black lines on the wrist. The rosemary leaves in their turn, serve as wonderful decoration, which symbolizes memory.

The crazy tattoo! The idea to ink fried eggs on the frying pan is outstanding. Choosing this funny pattern, you are guaranteed to be in the limelight!

Space is frequently taken as a basis for tattoo due to its mysterious attraction. This wrist tattoo illustrates a picture of several planets with stars in bright colors and shades.

The tattoo is a real help in case of scars. This ornament includes various beautiful flowers that make any skin damage almost invisible. Instead, we see a stunning tattoo decoration.

Someone who labels himself “local insider” implies the own meaning in. The image of a bomb above adds black lettering explosive character.

The little, realistic strawberry will be a spicy addition to your everyday image. The sweet berry on the wrist suits cheerful girls, who have a creative approach to life.

The word “reborn” is catching and meaningful for people, who rethought and changed the attitude to life. The watercolor splashes create a marvelous background for black lettering.

The idea to get a tattoo that consists of two parts is not new but still interesting. The lettering “Cold hands” on one wrist and “Cold heart” on another may express the pessimistic shade of personal experiences.

This work presents tattoo-puzzle, which intrigues at first sight. The scribble and black geometric elements are combined in one complicated tattoo design on the wrist.

The cute purple heart with lettering “love myself” seems so cute! This lovely tattoo on the wrist is a good reminder to appreciate yourself and give nobody chance to offend you.

This small elephant performed in a light gray shade is the sweetest alternative for dreamy girls. Besides, it includes a pattern of the colorful galaxy in watercolor design that brings brightness and creativity.

Two tiny birds flying in one direction may symbolize two lovers, who always want to be together. The romantic tattoo in solid black ink will be your reminder of sincere and tender feelings.

Both diamonds and flowers are highly appreciated by women and tattoos with them look especially beautiful. This composition with two red roses and a pink diamond in the center nicely illustrates it.

The rose, one of the most elegant flowers, is gently represented in this artwork. The strict outline design does not minimize its sophisticated look and even adds a unique charm.

The symbolic tattoo of tree belongs to the oldest and very positive ones. Here a black tree with numerous branches and leaves reveals the meanings of beauty, eternity and renewal.

This marvelous pattern goes far beyond the traditional wrist tattoo, as it stretches up to the arm. The woman’s portrait is decorated by a gorgeous floral ensemble and a sacral mandala, denoting spiritual integrity.

There are plenty of tattoos of heart, but this one presents an embodiment of originality and femininity. The small tattoo in the form of waves is the prettiest choice for graceful and romantic ladies.